December 12, 2019 Laserforce

Taking a product from a mere concept to a fully working system has taken us at Laserforce years to perfect. We are incredibly impressed with our Laserforce Gen8 system, and clearly our customers are too! With more than 1,300 Gen8 Battlesuits in operation around the world, this is by far our greatest achievement – but it didn’t come easily. Bridging the gap between concept and an operational product is a very large leap.

I am monumentally proud of our product, and I say with my hand on my heart that the product we have, and the team to support you are truly world-class.

This year at IAAPA Expo we had hundreds of people check out our IAAPA Award-winning product, and they could clearly see for themselves that it wasn’t only a great looking suit, but the back-end support provided within the system is also very unique to Laserforce. Our engineering deck that emails status updates to techs, gameplay reports for the financial team, time utilization figures for management to better roster labor all combine to give Laserforce one of the most functional, useful and proactive tools to help you manage your Laserforce attraction or location.

Throw on top of the already amazing equipment and our unique back-end system, we have our in house development team giving our SUP program the strength to support our operators. The SUP provides constant software updates, free technical assistance, discounted spare parts, electronic collateral for marketing, print-ready posters, and more games than a customer could probably ever play in their laser tag career! All Laserforce operators benefit from this program.

We are looking forward to an even better 2020. We have many new developments in the pipeline to continue driving revenue producing Laserforce laser tag.

Have an amazing Christmas trading period and enjoy some well earned time with your family and friends.

Utah’s premier bowling & entertainment destination upgrades to game-changing gen8 laser tag.

All Star Bowling is Utah’s premier family fun and entertainment option with multiple locations scattered across the Salt Lake region. All Star boasts a powerful portfolio of attractions …

Our equipment and software longevity is the reason more operators are turning to Laserforce.

Attractions can become outdated very quickly, and customers will become bored unless they are provided with variety. Laserforce, through its SUP program ensures that your system is constantly updated with the latest and greatest enhancements ensuring your laser tag system gives your players what they want.

Laserforce Arena Portals; Laser tag’s gateway to next-gen game-play.

Throughout the history of laser tag, suppliers have been looking for ways to make the game more engaging & interactive. Laserforce since the 90’s, has been the pioneer …


February 18 – 20 | Embassy Suites | Indianapolis, IN

Amusment Expo

March 9 – 11 | MCCNO | New Orleans, LA

Laserforce veteran, business owner & innovative entertainment genius. Meet Laserforce COO Jeff Willy.

For this story, we have to go all the way back at a small laser tag center in Sugar Land Texas. In the early 90’s Laserzone, a small, family run, stand-alone laser tag center …

Making the Laserforce experience fresh and fun keeps customers returning to The Fun Warehouse.

When owner Tim Cannizzo created his company in 2007 he wanted to offer an activity that would be enjoyable for players of all ages. He knew firsthand from playing laser tag …

Tackling a laser tag business and then marketing it. Where to start?

Have you ever thought marketing is hard? That you hate social media because it just doesn’t work? What about the time investment, the costs, and the headaches …

Laser Tag Arena Music

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Unrivaled Industry Support Team:

Tech support around the world and around the clock! We have three offices in three different continents, so our 24hr support team is always ready to help.

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

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