Laserforce Support & Upgrade Program is an Essential Part of a Healthy Laser Tag Operation

April 24, 2019
April 24, 2019 Laserforce

One of the best ways to keep your laser tag attraction fresh is to keep your system in top shape and updated with the latest features.

The Laserforce Support & Upgrade Program starts at just $2K, which is less than 1% of a typical laser tag attraction’s annual revenue. With annual software updates, discounted parts & repairs, and a wealth of technical, marketing & operations support, the SUP is the most economical way to reinvest in your laser tag attraction.

Paradoxically, Laserforce’s reliability & robustness can make it harder to see the benefits of an ongoing support & upgrade program. But it is important to keep in mind that the SUP is a critical factor in our ability to offer industry-leading reliability and low pricing on replacement parts. Many of our competitors have similar programs, but disguise it in fine print or with a different name and offer far less for your money.

Laserforce, established in 1987, has been a laser tag industry pioneer for over 30 years. As the number of manufacturers has dropped from over 25 to less than 10, Laserforce has continued to supply the most reliable and feature-packed laser tag equipment on the market. There is a link between our reputation for reliability and innovation and our Support & Upgrade Program.

Unlike many laser tag manufacturers, Laserforce is committed to ongoing research and development to support our existing operators with new revenue-generating and cost-saving features. The Laserforce team prides itself on the company’s laser tag family philosophy. We are here to help and support our Laserforce family members succeed in the forever-evolving technology of fun and entertainment, laser tag.

This commitment to support and development comes at a cost. The annual Support & Upgrade Program allows us to offer these services. Our competitors may claim they do not charge for similar programs, but most either offer subpar service, charge fees under a different name, or make up the costs through inflated support fees and overpriced replacement parts. The Support & Upgrade Program is one of the biggest reasons that 95% of all Laserforce sites opened in the last 10 years are still operating today. At a cost of less than 1% of the average annual laser tag revenue, the SUP is the best investment you can make to ensure your laser tag attraction is profitable, efficient, and future-proof.

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