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The Engineering Deck report is a powerful laser tag software feature and indispensable when it comes to off-site management. In summary the Engineering Deck report does this for you:

  • Gives you a graphical summary of throughput for that day or that week.
  • Tells you whether staff have been following correct procedures or not.
  • Makes recommendations for better operations.
  • Alerts you to required maintenance

With the engineering deck,

you can prepare for the upcoming weekend

Without an Engineering Deck you risk being unaware of potentially business-impacting issues. Unless you are on site you can’t easily identify a change in games played. You have no way of knowing whether staff are following correct procedures or not. And you have no way of knowing whether there is a fault in one or more of your battlesuits unless a customer raise an issue.

By getting this report sent to you on a Monday you can:

  • Get a snap shot of weekend performance.
  • Train managers on correct procedures.
  • Address any required maintenance.


When you’re busy, everything needs to run like clockwork. That’s why our Total Arena Management Interface (TAMI) is the best laser tag arena management aid on the market.

TAMI takes arena management to a new level. Forget training your staff to turn on lights, pump in fog and start music. TAMI does all that for you. Set up and design as many light shows as you like to make each game different. TAMI has a full software interface linked into the Laserforce software. The whole programmed Laserforce experience begins with a single mouse click.

  • Controls all arena haze, sound and lighting effects.
  • Controls all DMX light, sound and smoke effects that get triggered by real-time game events.

Game time length


Music Volume


IR Strength


Phaser Shot Power



The Laserforce game editor provides enormous flexibility to meet operators’ needs. You can easily adjust features such as game length, deactivation time, shot speed, hit points, shot power, points scored and more using our game editor.

Approximately 82% of your games will be “standard” games of team or individual formats. However, even standard games have the enormous flexibility to meet an operator’s needs.



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