A whole new reason to keep playing laser tag

Achievements are the key to unlocking incredible repeat play results. Players will put dozens of hours into playing laser tag at your center as they complete achievements! The Laserforce achievement system is the most powerful and polished in the laser tag industry.

Play every month for 2 years.


Be a member for 2 years


Zap 10 opponents in the back in a regular game.


Live, in-game Achievement notifications

During the game, players will get notified of completed achievements with real-time speech and SFX!

Real-time scoreboard Achievement display

Completed Achievement icons are displayed on the scoreboard during your laser tag mission.

And after the game…

Players can view & track their Achievement progress

at any Laserforce Player Kiosk.

The Laserforce member kiosk has been rebuilt from the ground up with amazing visuals and touch screen functionality. The kiosk lays a foundation for more exciting features to come.

  • Activated by RFID proximity card
  • Touch-screen enabled
  • Sleek animated backgrounds
  • Access member stats, game history, achievement progress and avatar customization
  • Social media integration
  • Player Self-Registration. Capture key demographic data right from the touch screen!
  • Includes waiver support

Continue the excitement outside of the arena …

Show off the Achievements

Your customers can earn ultimate bragging rights and automatically share their Achievements for all their friends to see using our new Facebook feature. You will benefit from increased social media visibility as your customers post about your facility for you! Facebook posts are fully customizable.

Market events & fun specials around your laser tag Achievements

Generate repeat revenue and increase your laser tag business profit with the swirling excitement from players that are visiting your location hunting for the latest Laserforce Achievement. There’s a group in Czech dedicated to unlocking the rare “Leap To It”, February 29th, Achievement. They’re gathering that day to tour Laserforce locations and play laser tag games all day long.

Operators can create and upload their own, center-specific, laser tag Achievements.

Looking to create interest around your promotions? Want to attract customers to stay and play? Creating your own Laserforce Achievements for customers to unlock, unique to your laser tag center, is why operators all over the world love our laser tag systems! Operators can create Achievements based on visits and player log-ins for their multiple FEC locations or build time-sensitive Achievements for holiday promotions and in-house play specials.

Laserforce operators have enormous flexibility and endless options with Laserforce laser tag.

Give your players something to work towards, driving more laser tag plays to your arena! Just another reason why so many savvy operators around the world are swapping to Laserforce as their laser tag partner.


Gen 8

Gen 7