Why settle for 1 game from your customers ...

when you can unlock repeat play with the powerful features included with Laserforce laser tag equipment memberships. Whether it’s to progress through skill levels to unlock new abilities, undertake challenges to collect Achievements or explore all the advanced game types to hone their skills – Laserforce ensures your customers always have a reason to play more games.


Player avatars are the only way your customer can express their style in their own fun way.

Just like popular video games and online experiences, you can choose from over 100 different illustrated avatars to match your expressive laser tag style. Your unique character will show up on the member kiosk, lobby scoreboard,, Battlesuit chest screen, and even opponents’ phasers when they’re tagged!

Laserforce Player Profile:


Players love the ability to customize their laser tag experience,

Now, exclusive to Laserforce, they have ability to choose their own custom avatar to pair with their codename. Once a player chooses their unique codename and avatar, it will show up on the score monitor and player kiosks.

Laserforce member cards unlock a whole new level of fun and repeat play.

With Laserforce laser tag equipment’s built-in RFID technology, the process to every player’s unique laser tag game couldn’t be easier. Players simply tap their member card to their Battlesuit to log in before each game. Now, their custom codename and avatar are displayed on the Gen8 chest screen, Gen8 phaser screen and the lobby scoreboard. In between games, players can customize their profile outside the arena on any Laserforce kiosk included in your membership system.


Built into the Laserforce skill level system

is an automatic handicapping system that creates a level playing field between your new players and your experienced players. For example, an experienced player who is level 4, 5 or 6 has to zap level 1 and 2 players three times to deactivate them. Where as new players, who are level 1, 2 or 3, only have to zap players once.
This robust and balanced ranking system can only be found in Laserforce Laser Tag!

Why is this important:

Without an automatic handicapping system, a small number of experienced players can overwhelm new players. Your experienced players may get bored and your new players have a bad experience. At the end of the day no-one wins.

Exciting, In-game

At the touch of your fingers!

Each time you level up, you unlock a new power-up!

Lead your team to victory each mission as you master each power-up and dominate the arena. From Rapid Fire to decimating Nukes, playing with a Laserforce membership card has never been so addicting!

Send a burst of lasers flying at your opponents. When in rapid fire mode, hold down the trigger to fire rapidly for a variable duration.
Armour up and wreak havoc, when invulnerable, you can’t get zapped for 10 seconds.
Jump back into the fight immediately. When you’ve been deactivated, use “Payback” to reactivate instantly.
Aim. Lock-on. Fire. Missiles can by fired at any player level 4 or higher. Aim, wait for the final lock-on tone to signal then squeeze the trigger. Missiles score more points than a regular laser zap.
“And stay down”. Use this ability to send a second deactivation the last player you zapped.
Take down the entire arena! Use this ability to deactivate every level 6 in the game, no matter where they are. Also, successfully launched nukes score a major amount of points for you and your team.


Need help integrating your laser tag, arcade and attractions on to one powerful card? Talk to us about our solutions and our variety of patented integrations! Your Laserforce laser tag members can now be your fun center members!
No other laser tag membership system like this in the world!
Laserforce has to most powerful laser tag membership system in the world. Super-charge your recurring revenue with the most powerful and feature-rich laser tag equipment on the market today. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a personal demo to see how you and your brand can take advantage of Laserforce laser tag memberships.

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