Laserforce Arena Portals, Laser Tag’s Gateway To Next-Gen Game-play

December 11, 2019
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December 11, 2019 Laserforce

Arena Portals are a refreshing new take on a stale laser tag element.

Throughout the history of laser tag, suppliers have been looking for ways to make the game more engaging & interactive. Laserforce since the 90’s, has been the pioneer of combining player and arena interactivity. Laserforce Living Arenas is our exciting portfolio of interactive laser tag arena targets from standard base targets to highly interactive video Beacons. A good amount of our team’s time is dedicated to developing new and exciting ways to for players to interact with more than just the next player. Our mission is to create fully immersive experiences that involve every aspect of the arena and game. Laser tag arena gates are not a new concept and are offered by most laser tag suppliers today.

Laser tag arena gates all fundamentally work the same. Players tag a specific part of the gate to take control of it for them or their team. And any opposing player walking through the gate is automatically deactivated. Here at Laserforce, we really liked the idea of players being able to control certain paths or hallways with the gate. We spent a lot of time studying other arena gates but nothing impressed us. So that’s why we designed, developed and delivered our refreshing new take on the idea and called it Arena Portals.

Right away, you will notice how incredibly bright and spectacular the LED colors are on our arena gate. One critical flaw we noticed about other arena gates on the market, was their lighting system design. Most of the arena gates you can buy from laser tag suppliers use a lighting system that is contingent on arena haze levels. The illuminated lights would be visible with the haze and in theory, this design should look really nice but unfortunately its not practical. With Laserforce Arena Portals, we developed a lighting system that was not only intuitive, but didn’t require the arena haze to be functional. With the illuminated plexiglass, outward-facing legs, players know exactly which team is in control of the arena portal based on the displaying team color.

Another innovative change we made is the addition of the 10” LCD screen on top, on either side of the gate. Players can tag the animated screen to take over the portal and the screen reacts, in real time, with every laser tag zap or player deactivation. This exciting feature is intuitive to every player, no matter their experience level and boosts the overall percentage of repeat play. Obviously, every laser tag arena is different, so that’s why our laser tag Arena Portal is designed to be modular. This give owners and operators the control to add it to their ideal hallway/pathway and it’s easy to self install. Since we design and develop the Arena Portal in house, this truly is a worry-free product. The gate goes through all our quality assurance procedures and they are all tested to ensure they are completely ready to plug-n-play into your Laserforce system. We’re one of the only laser tag suppliers that can ensure a product like this!

If you’re looking to add more arena interactivity, looking for something intuitive, easy to implement and exciting to a player then look no further. Contact your regional Laserforce rep and ask them how you can take advantage or the Arena Portal or any other interactive area target from our Living Arena Portfolio.

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!