This is next gen laser tag, game-play, features & reliability.
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More than just equipment.

Gen8 Infinity is built on the proven platform of Gen7, the world’s best-selling laser tag system. It expands on its readability and robustness with numerous design improvements and infinite system possibilities.

Since the 1980s
Laser tag has been defined by blinking LED’s
…Until Now



A refreshingly sleek new design that’s comfortable for all ages and players.

Innovative Design:

  • Streamlined design with slimmer profile.
  • Rubber overmoulding for high-end, stylish appearance.
  • Full 360° independent hit zones.
  • Industry-leading shoulder speaker sound with 3-channel audio.
  • Breathable, comfortable, durable mesh vest material.
  • Redesigned neck opening makes vest more comfortable for players of all ages.
  • Robust battery life with additional cell for extended use.
  • Plug-n-Play components make repairs and maintenance easy.

5” Chest Screen:

  • Laserforce Exclusive Feature
  • Custom motion backgrounds.
  • Customizable logos & avatars.
  • Dynamic in-game graphics and animations.
  • Intuitive & fun game-play for kids.
  • Engaging, customizable & repeatable game-play for all ages.
  • Exclusive next-gen feature to Laserforce laser tag.

Infinity Lighting:

  • Laserforce Exclusive Feature
  • Intense spectrum of colors.
  • Sleek, modern design with stunning color effects.
  • Illuminated vest fabric lighting from chest screen to shoulders.
  • Laserforce laser tag exclusive Elemental team lighting.

Exciting Player Avatars:

  • Laserforce Exclusive Feature

Just like popular video games and online experiences, you can choose from over 100 different illustrated avatars to match your expressive laser tag style. Your unique character will show up on the member kiosk,, battlesuit chest screen, and even opponents’ phasers when they’re tagged!

Elemental Laser Tag Teams:

  • Laserforce Exclusive Feature

Exclusive battlesuit colors that single LEDs can’t create.
Gone are the days of ‘Red vs Blue’ laser tag games, offer your customers something different and exciting!
Action-packed games of Fire vs Ice, Earth vs Rainbow will keep your players coming back for more.



A stylish & comfortable new phaser with game-changing features and colors.

Phaser Design:

  • Laserforce Exclusive Feature
  • All-new phaser with eye-catching design and lighting effects.
  • Rubber overmoulding for stylish appearance, added durability & comfortable grip.
  • Reverse IR lock-on system for industry-leading hit detection.
  • Two hand detection system for safer play.
  • Dual laser capability with 3 colors to choose from: red, green, or blue.
  • Loaded with new features like built-in flashlight, rapid-fire and scatter beam for exciting new game-play options.

3.5″ Phaser Screen:

  • Laserforce Exclusive Feature
  • Industry-exclusive capacitive touch capability.
  • In-game HUD and multiple info screens.
  • New weapon types at players’ fingertips.
  • Customize your game-play at just a touch of a finger.
  • Players can select thier preferred in-game notification language.

Far from standard.

Laserforce Gen8 Briefing Video

Entertaining, fun & informative for all ages. A brand new briefing video experience exclusive to Laserforce laser tag.

Operators can choose the length of their briefing video based on their preference or throughput.

Gen 7

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