Tackling A Laser Tag Business And Then Marketing It. Where To Start?

December 11, 2019
December 11, 2019 Laserforce

You have dazzling laser tag equipment, spectacular arena, and a briefing room ready to fill.

Have you ever thought marketing is hard? That you hate social media because it just doesn’t work? What about the time investment, the costs, and the headaches? As a professional marketer and a recovering FEC operator, I hear these sentences every day. In fact, I used to say every one of those things. I was wrong and it cost me until I got on board.

If you are looking for an efficient, low cost, and relatively easy platform to work on that will give you great results, educate yourself on using your Facebook business page. There are more articles than can be counted on how good it is. In the modern world, and with your dwindling budget, it is worth your time.

The largest group of people in the world in the same place is found on Facebook. There are more than 2.7 billion people there, most of whom are parents of school-aged children. This is your audience, and you will not find a radio or tv station with access to this demographic at this size.

Coupled with the above, Facebook is free. I see operators dumping cash into constant ads, desperately trying to reach their audience. Those folks have missed the point: Facebook loves organic content. It is what keeps the platform viable. I am not saying that you should never boost a post: simply be tactical with your cash.

Facebook is also a social platform first. Sure, they make money selling data and ads, but this benefits your ability to reach your audience. By balancing social content with your branded content, you can grab ahold of an audience and never let go.

So, please, dig into your Facebook page and spend some time learning the real facts behind the platform. Be careful of the hype around newer platforms and broad statements regarding the audience Facebook just cannot get. Yes, the Millennials are there and are waiting to hear from your business. All you need is time, a plan, and a little know-how to make it work.


Ryan McQuillen

Operating Partner, ``What to Post?``

Ryan has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and maintains his Independence. He offers Laserforce operators preferential rates to assist in revenue creation and enhancement. Laserforce receives no commission from Ryan for the services he provides. You can’t train passion, this guy embodies and is passionate about laser tag.

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