GEN7 Battlesuit

Every laser tag system has vests and lasers

So what makes Laserforce so high end that players return to it more than any other game?



Futuristic not militaristic!

Appeals to players of all ages and genders. Light weight vest and phaser. Easy to carry and maneuver. Suitable for players of all ages and genders. Special features button used for activating certain special abilities, customizing music and character class in role playing games.

Two Hand Detection

Touch sensitive two hand detection system for safety and fairness of play. Muzzle flash for realism and excitement.


Full Color LEDs

Display 5 clearly defined hit zones

Players can be tagged easily on the chest, back, both shoulders, and phaser. There is no cheating. Independent hit zones flash & vibrate when hit. Players can easily tell where they hit their opponent.

Battlesuits can change 8 different colors for 8 different teams. Colors can be assigned by game, rank and real time game specific scenarios.


Battlesuit Sound

With 4 gig of onboard speech and sound effects, Laserforce is able to deliver important real-time information through the shoulder speakers. This frees up the players’ sense of sight to focus on the game and enjoy all of the stunning visual effects. And only Laserforce offers onboard stereo music playing directly from the battlesuit.

Digital Speech

Real-time Sound Effects

Industry Leading Durability & Safety

Robust battery life

Gen7 has the longest-lasting battery in the industry with 48 hours of continuous use.

The most reliable equipment in the industry

Battle-tested Injection-molded polycarbonate casing protects the electronics. The battlesuit and phaser can survive being slammed by a sludge hammer, run over by a car but more importantly, peak weekend hours.

Player voice warnings

Abusive players will receive live warnings through the shoulder speakers.

Anti-vandalism protection

The built-in phaser accelerometer detects abuse, gives audio warnings and can even automatically disable unruly players. Protect your investment!

Plug ’n Play repairs

Easily-swappable parts and over-the-air firmware updates make repairs and updates painless – no specialized tech experience required!

Living Arena

Gen 8 Infinity