31 years of

innovation & success

World’s longest serving laser tag company

Laserforce was established in 1987 and has since become a laser tag pioneer in terms of manufacturing and operations. Our first Laserforce center is still the world’s longest running site. And it is now a truly international product, with Laserforce sites operating around the world. Our decades of experience means that we can offer you a high-quality product that has well and truly stood the test of time.

Global infrastructure that never sleeps

A truly international product, the Laserforce family operates around the globe.

With Technical Support Bases in America, England & Australia, each with a large quantity of spare parts and technical know-how you can be assured that you are well supported up at any time of the day. Each Support Base is regularly topped up to their establishment of spare parts and reserves to ensure that parts and support are there when you want it.

Len Kelly


I am the founder and owner of the Laserforce laser tag technology company, Laserforce International which supplies around 350 sites world wide.
Also, in 1987 I founded the Laserforce site in Brisbane, Australia which is now the world’s longest running laser tag site. Therefore I am a rare breed of a manufacturer that heavily relies upon its own product for operational prosperity. My experience in the industry is second to none. I have a relaxed style of doing business and believe a hand shake is as strong a bond as a contract.

Join the winning team

  • With rapid turnover of up to 320 tickets per hour, you can make a lot of money quickly.
  • The financial return per square metre can be extremely lucrative.
  • Laser tag complements your other attractions, with each one supporting the others.
  • Customers now expect laser tag in quality venues.
  • Laserforce as a game cannot be reproduced at home.
  • Laserforce is sheer unadulterated fun for youngsters and adults alike.

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