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Meet Nancy, your laser tag partner that always feels like a friend first.

Jumping into the entertainment and attraction business is always a large mountain to scale. There’s so much to consider and learn about, especially when it comes to choosing the correct supplier for your attractions. Owners and operators typically spend a large amount of their time doing their own research and homework, before making any investment in a company, manufacture or consultant. Lately, the commercial laser tag sales experience can feel really slimy and misleading, and owners don’t realize that until it’s too late. Nancy and Laserforce are on a mission to change that!

Nancy started her entertainment and attraction career in creative interior and exterior deigns for family entertainment centers and other large commercial facilities. She eventually worked her way to Creative Works, a large laser tag industry arena builder. She spent almost 2 years there working with various clients, projects and brands; ranging from restaurant designs, mini-golf, to laser tag arenas and robust FEC experiences.

In 2015, Nancy joined the Laserforce family and took over our North and South America sales. With her knowledge and experience coming from a large arena builder, she was able to grow Laserforce’s regional market share by 25%, each year! We attribute all that success to Nancy’s down to earth, honest approach to not only purchasing equipment, but investing in a company of operators. Nancy can swing with any of the other industry salesmen, without scheming on the deal in the background or finagling the customer into deals that, in the long run, hurt them. Nancy will be the first person to tell you the bottom line truth, no sugar coating or fluff. She’s here to make you successful because building relationships is more important than making sales. That’s the formula we’re after here at Laserforce.

When Nancy is not working or building relationships(ask her if she’s feeling okay), she can be found spending time with her kids and enjoying the outdoors while she travels the country. She also loves to spend time near the lake during the summers and enjoys taking on wild excursions with her friends and family. Nancy is your laser tag partner that feels like an instant friend, ready to answer you questions and walk every step of the process with you! Get to know her at the next Laserforce laser tag event, or connect with her here!

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