You know that choosing the best system is critical

but how do you choose the best supplier?

Generally the industry is split between low-end, mid-range and high-end systems. Low-end systems are churned out from mostly out-of-date design patterns. Their only strength is price. In contrast, Laserforce is a high-end system with many strengths, including quality, features, service and price.

We often hear first-time buyers say ‘I don’t care about all the bells and whistles. I just want a cheap system where players can go in and zap each other’.

However, low-end systems generally turn out to be the most unreliable. Also, the laser tag market has become very competitive and these kinds of low-end systems are getting taken over by more professional operators. To the right is a comparison of mortality fugures between Laserforce and the industry average.

Low-end Laser Tag System

Any system that has fixed team colors is automatically Low End. Some examples of systems which only have fixed team colors include Zone Rfit, Lazer Runner & Quasar Elite.

Low end systems are designed with no repeat play features. Players simply go into an arena with limited team colors and zap each other. They score points by zapping players in a basic shallow game which almost universally is just team or individual. At the end of the game they receive a score sheet or view their scores on a basic scores monitor after which their record of play is wiped. Low-end systems are almost universally unreliable and you can expect to pay anywhere between $5,000-$10,000 per year on maintenance and parts.

Mid-Range Laser Tag System

The defining feature of a mid-range system is the presence of full-color LED’s in the vests allowing greater flexibility & interchangeability in team colors and size. However the system does not have a built-in membership system recording ongoing player scores history, and this prevents it from being classed as a high-end system.

Mid-range systems offer players a choice of team colors and each vest is capable of being any color. There is a game editor to allow for a variety of games which can make the depth of play more interesting. Vests often have superior digital speech and other forms of player feedback such as vibrating hit recognition and hit zones that flash when hit. Vests have safety features such as protective noses and two-hand detect. Players’ results are lost after they have finished their game and the subsequent game has started.

Some mid-range systems will have optional software enhancements to bring the experience closer to the high-end.

High-End Laser Tag System

A system cannot be high end unless it has a membership system for recording ongoing player history. A high-end system will also have many of the following features:

  • POS system
  • Player handicapping based on ongoing Skill Level
  • Advanced Role Playing Games where players have different abilities such as stealth, rapid fire, missiles, shields, player to player resupply.
  • Interactive arena features beyond standard team bases and mines.

High end systems are capable of supporting stand alone laser tag locations and also large FEC’s where laser tag is the anchor attraction. The advanced features are geared towards repeat play and superior management. The laser tag experience goes beyond zapping other players and can become a battle against the arena as well. Players are encouraged to become members and progress up skill levels through the ongoing tracking of their average score and achievements.

Next-Gen Laser Tag System

Next-Gen features are cutting edge laser tag technology that has only recently been introduced and development is still being expanded. Next-Gen features include:

  • RFID facility integration
  • Automated diagnostic tools
  • Social media integration
  • Video game-style player achievements

Word of mouth is all-important in this industry. Laser tag is all about repeat play, and players know the difference between a great game and an ordinary game. If your low-end system provides an ordinary experience, players will go elsewhere. So give them the best and your business will reap the rewards.

Laserforce – Prospering vs Closed

Industry – Prospering vs Closed

What is Laserforce?

The world’s most sophisticated laser tag game.

This fast-action game is played in a low-light living arena with special lighting effects, interactive intelligent devices, swirling fog and a thumping soundtrack. Recently, laser tag’s popularity has exploded. And this is your opportunity to get a share of this lucrative sector of the leisure market.

Why Laserforce?

Overall, Laserforce’s features, game play and reliability all contribute to repeat play and positive word of mouth. These factors increase income and are all good reasons to choose Laserforce.The large number of laser tag manufacturers competing for your business tend to produce either low-end, mid-range or high-end systems. Laserforce is the best selling mid-range to high-end laser tag system in the world.

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