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General Laserforce Questions:


Are you a distributor?

We are NOT a distributor. We have been researching, designing and developing each laser tag suit in-house since our start in 1987. Your suits will NOT come from a factory in China and we quality assure every single suit you receive. We ARE your laser tag partner, we’re here to make sure you succeed in every aspect.

Where are your Battlesuits produced?

We are proud to have 3 support & production centers around the globe in Queensland Australia, Germany, Europe & Colorado, USA. Your system will be built by hand from your nearest Laserforce office by our professional and experienced technicians. For example: If you’re in Tennessee, USA, your system and Battlesuits will be built, quality assured, and shipped from our Colorado office.

Do you support your previous laser tag generations?

Absolutely. With hundreds of Laserforce operators around the globe, all operating with different Laserforce generations, it’s our responsibility to make sure their laser tag succeeds. Our operators benefit from annual system updates from our SUP.

Do you offer mobile-laser tag systems?

Our focuses and developments have always been aimed at permanent, indoor, FEC style game-play. While there are methods to use our powerful systems for outdoor use, we are not the most practical system design for your mobile entertainment experience.

How long have you been in business?

We are one of the longest running laser tag companies in the world. Laserforce was established in 1987 and today we are still the premier researchers, designers and developers of premium top-tier laser tag. That means you’re partnering with over 30 years of experience!

Do you partner or align with any arena builders or consultants?

Our main goal is to always provide the best laser tag equipment on the market! This is our core focus, much like a car manufacturer focuses on car development and not roads. With our 30+ years in the business we’ve seen some unprofessional business practices and alliances. Rest assured Laserfoce will always put our operators best interests first and we’ll happily work with any builder or industry professional. 

Why should I choose Laserforce?

Our mission is to provide a robust, reputable and reliable laser tag system to all our operators. Our laser tag Battlesuits are the most durable in the industry with plug & play parts and repairs. We continuously research & develop game-changing features to keep us in the lead. Take a look at our award-winning Gen8 laser tag system, we think it speaks for itself.


Laser Tag Arena Requirements

What’s the optimal space for a laser tag arena?

We have installed our systems into laser tag arenas of all sizes. Our recommendation for the best laser tag attraction and experience is to plan for 120 sq.ft. (10 sq/mtrs) for every player. We’ll work with you and any space you may have, contact us for more specific guidance.

How many Battlesuits do I need?

This is all based on the size of your arena. Our laser tag software can typically handle as many vests as you need (some of our customers run 80+ vests on a single Laserforce computer). As a general guide, and it varies depending on your arena design, you should plan on one battlesuit per 120 sq.ft. (10 sq/mtrs) of space.

Should my arena be one-level or two-levels?

Most laser tag arenas operating today are two-levels. If your space meets the requirements for two-levels, we always encourage it. If not, there are always ways to make a one-level arena just as exciting. Talk to your arena builder about your space and requirements.

What is DMX lighting?

DMX is a lighting control protocol which allows users to have ultimate control over their lighting needs. Although it does not only apply to lighting, lighting is the most common use for DMX. DMX controlled audio & visual effects allows you to create multiple unique special effects experiences, all controlled from a single source.

Can I add custom DMX to my arena?

Absolutely. We encourage all of our operators to take advantage of every aspect of the laser tag experience. Every interaction in the laser tag arena should be unique and immersive. This can be done with our professional DMX installer. Contact us to learn more.

Are vesting and briefing rooms required?

This depends on your laser tag space and goals. Having a separate briefing and vesting room will maximize your customer throughput and your ROI. A vesting room is required to hang and charge your Laserforce Battlesuits when they are not in use. Contact us to learn what is best for your laser tag space.

Do you provide arena concepts?

When we receive a deposit with a signed contract and you can provide us with the appropriate blueprints of your proposed laser tag space, we’ll help you visualize the laser tag arena with custom 3D renderings. Our arena concepts are to provide recommendations on where to put your Living Arena targets, briefing/vesting rooms and other Laserforce products. Remember, these are concepts, NOT building plans or structural diagrams. Please consult with your arena builder or construction team to finalize arena building plans.


Technical Questions

What is forward IR?

“Forward IR” or forward infrared light, is the most common “tagging” technology in laser tag. Infrared light is fired from the phaser to receptors on laser tag suits, which creates the game of “laser tag”. Today, laser tag vests have several IR receivers on multiple locations on the suit and the phaser emits the IR light. Laserforce uses “Reverse IR”.

What is reverse IR?

We are one of the only laser tag companies to utilize reverse IR in our battlesuits. Forward IR and reverse IR are practically identical in play; the advantage with reverse IR is we are able to provide the player with instant audio feedback. If a player aims at another player, the vest notifies the player with different tones. When a player tags another player, the player also receives audio notifications. This advanced feedback and immersive game-play is only possible with reverse IR.

What is 3-channel Audio?

Laserforce in-game audio is the most advanced and exciting in the industry. Our 3-channel audio allows us to give players 3 streams of audio, directly from the Battlesuit, without any interruption. For example: A player can be listening to his favorite Battlesuit music, while receiving in-game updates like “Congrats, you’re coming in first!” and “zapping” sound FX. All 3 gigs of audio stored on the suit are delivered to the payer from the shoulder mounted speakers.

What type of phaser cords do you use?

All our Laserforce systems use a durable, “quick-swap” CAT5 cables to connect the phaser to the vest. With our 30+ years of industry knowledge we found, across all laser tag companies, that phaser cables are the first to diminish from wear and tear. The vital communication from vest to phaser, inevitably will need to be replaced. Some laser tag companies armor and bulk up this cord, making it a hassle and costly to repair when the time comes. We’ve made that switch as easy as possible, so there’s no need to open up any vest or phaser components, no need to take a vest down for repair, no need to spend extra money and time on our cords.

Where is the hardware of the suit located?

All the primary components of the Battlesuits are stored inside the vest chest plate. Protected by the polycarbonate plastic housings. This is the most protected portion of the battlesuit, ensuring your repairs costs always stay low. You’ll never see any critical hardware components stored in our phasers. Regardless of the system, brand, or materials, phasers statistically always take the most beatings. Stay away from systems that contain crucial hardware in their phasers.

Does your system have a diagnostic tool?

Absolutely. We are the only high-end laser tag company to provide an extensive diagnostic tool that can accurately report your laser tag performance. Our Engineering Deck provides owners and operators with reports on every aspect of the system. Learn more.

What are ‘quick-release’ charging cables?

We use ¼” mono-plugs to connect our vests to our power-bricks. Our vests only need to be plugged in at the end of the day, before you close your operation and then unplugged in the morning or before you open your attraction. In case the vest is pulled from the rack while still plugged into the charging brick, our cables feature a quick release socket. This ensures that there is no damage to the suit or cables in case of an accidental tug.

Do you offer wireless charging?

With our experience, we found that direct charge connections provide a faster charge and allows us to use high capacity batteries that give more play in the day. At this time we are not comfortable with the state of wireless charging for our suits and batteries. Batteries can be the most expensive replacement on any laser tag suit and we need to ensure our customers get the best results and performance from our batteries. Our hardwire connection ensures a stable, strong flow of charge and requires laser tag attendants and employees to stay diligent on your laser tag system investment. We believe our batteries and charging system is still the most cost effective and guaranteed method for everyone involved.

What type of batteries are used in your suits?

All of our Battlesuits use federally regulated and approved lithium batteries. With proper procedures, care and maintenance you can expect to receive 24 hours of continuous use from our Gen7 & Gen8 Battlesuits, the best uptime in the industry.

What type of plastic is used in your suits?

Laserforce Gen7 uses a clear Polycarbonate injected plastic. Gen8 features a molded-polycarbonate and also includes an exterior rubber overmolding for extra protection and stunning visual design. Our vest durability has been drop-tested, ran-over-by-a-car tested, and more importantly strong enough to withstand your peak Saturday traffic.

What is ‘Infinity Lighting’?

Our Gen8 infinity lighting is a revolutionary new development to the laser tag industry. We spent 5+ years developing the lighting system that is included in all our Gen8 laser tag systems. Conventional and generic laser tag systems feature single, spot LEDs, that can only offer a standard experience. Our ‘Infinity Lighting’ provides a seamless, colorful lighting system that allows us to blend colors to create visual multi-color gradients. This allows us to offer game-changing features like ‘Fire’ vs ‘Ice’ games and other elemental teams exclusive to Laserforce. ‘Red’ vs ‘Blue’ laser tag games now feel outdated.

Do your phasers include two hand detection?

All our phasers include heat sensors that detect when the player has two hands on the phaser. As a safety feature, the phaser by default can only be operated when two hands are detected. Of course, this can be disabled on a per game basis at any time but we suggest to leave active unless required for operational/customer inclusion reasons.

What is ‘Battlesuit Vandalism Detection’?

All our Battlesuits include built-in accelerometers to detect when a vest or phaser is being handled too dangerously. If the suit detects the player dropping the phaser or slamming the vest, the suit will notify the player to not vandalize the system. We have a “3 strikes & you’re out” system to protect your investment. Of course, that can all be customized to your needs.

Can I integrate arcade card systems into your laser tag?

We can work with all major card system suppliers to integrate your arcade and/or attraction cards into our laser tag system. Our Gen7 and Gen8 systems include RFID sensors in the front plate that allows you to offer end-to-end debits, or laser tag memberships. Contact us for more specifics.


Operational Questions

Is laser tag a main attraction?

Laserforce laser tag is treated as a main attraction. Generic laser tag systems can be tucked into a corner and operated at the minimum, with low throughput and high maintenance costs. Laserforce on the other hand, is a feature rich and powerful system that can easily be your top performing attraction. We are the Ferrari of the laser tag industry, make sure you know how to drive it!

What should I charge for laser tag?

Laser tag pricing varies per region and market. Do research on similar laser tag arenas, experiences and markets in your area. Laserforce laser tag is a robust attraction and experience that is noticeably different from other generic, cheaper experiences. Don’t be afraid to account for that in your pricing.

Do I need memberships?

This answer comes down to your laser tag attraction goals and your ROI goals. Laserforce has the most powerful and robust membership system on the market. Done right, your player experience can be magnified and your repeat play can grow exponentially by introducing membership cards. See ‘Is laser tag a main attraction?’. Contact us from more specific help.

How can I maximize my revenue?

When you purchase your Laserforce system, included are exclusive features that are already more powerful that any other competing laser tag system. Understanding how to take advantage of all the features is the key to unlocking repeat revenue and throughput. Try offering different games from our huge library of games or changing up the team colors and variety. Can your arena be more interactive with targets from our Living Arena? Contact us for a custom evaluation.

How fast can I expect my ROI?

You need to take into account all the factors of your laser tag system (number of active battlesuits, your pricing model, maintenance costs). Laserforce has the highest percentage of battlesuit uptime across the industry, ensuring you maintain your player throughput. Laserforce also features the most powerful, feature-rich system on the laser tag market. With all these advantages you can expect to have the best laser tag return. Other factors such as arena design and location, vesting room and briefing room inclusion will factor into your ROI. Be sure to discuss with us your options before build out to get the best potential results.

Do you offer any resources?

When you become a Laserforce operator, you will gain access to our online portal that contains all the resources you may need. From professional and exciting graphics to brand laser tag photos, free for you to use. You can also access tutorials, manuals and briefing videos. Click here to login.

Do I need a ‘Laser Tag Tech’?

This depends on the size of your operation and your laser tag goals. Some owners and operators running smaller centers, take on all the maintenance from ordering parts to making repairs. It’s very common for larger centers to employ and train techs to handle the maintenance and upkeep of the laser tag system and general attractions. We recommend having someone who is vigilant and knowledgeable to be responsible with the maintenance and performance of the Laserforce system.

Do you offer any advanced game modes?

Yes! We love exciting and immersive game-modes. We are often developing and releasing new game types to all our operators. Space Marines 5, is our most common advanced team game and is played competitively around the world today. Color Conquest is a great, easy to learn, fun for all ages game to play. Learn more here.

When should I run more advanced game modes?

Mixing up the laser tag experience is a great way to keep your attraction fresh and exciting. There are some games that are more appropriate to brief and play during slower nights, or when you have more experience Laserforce players. We also offer games that are fun to play during your peak traffic hours, that are not complicated to explain and play. Learn more.


Purchasing & Support

How do I purchase a system?

To join our family of operators, begin by filling out an inquiry form on our webpage, contacting your regional representative or meeting us in person at a number of trade shows.

How long does a system take to build and ship?

We’ll work with you on your arena building schedule, and timelines depend on system size and complexity. Typically we are 6 weeks out, from your paid deposit, to building and shipping your system. We work on a first come first serve basis, but we’ll make sure to keep you updated on every step of the timeline.

What are your purchasing options?

Laserforce offers flexible payment options designed to lower start up cost and assist cash flow. If you have cash, you’ll receive the best pricing available. Contact us to get a custom quote.

Do you sell used equipment?

We don’t facilitate the sale of used equipment, but we can direct you to owners and operators that maybe upgrading their Laserforce system to the next version of Laserforce and are looking to sell their existing equipment. Due to the reliability of Laserforce equipment, system life is maximised and second hand systems are not often available.

Can I trade in my current laser tag system?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in Laserforce and game-changing laser tag, we’d love to take your old system and make a deal with you on your new system. Contact us to get started.

Do you have Licensing fees?

We don’t call it a license fee because it is not a simple license fee, although you are issued with a license code each year. It is known as the Support & Upgrade Program (SUP) and it is so much more. The license code is what unlocks all the benefits associated with being a Laserforce family member and keeps the integrity of the system intact. Click here to see more about the SUP.

What is the Support & Upgrade Program (SUP)?

The SUP is an annual fee that allows us to offer technical services and system updates to keep your Laserforce system performing at tip top shape. Learn more here.

How is the SUP calculated?

The SUP is based on your system size and number battlesuits. Contact us today to learn more about your SUP and system.

Do you have warranties on your system?

Yes! Depending on your system package, you’ll receive 1 – 2 years worry-free warranty.

How often will I receive software updates?

Because of your annual SUP payment, you’ll receive ongoing system and software updates to ensure you’ll always have the most powerful laser tag system on the market, regardless of the system age and generation. You can expect those updates to be emailed to you, at least, annually.

How long does the installation take?

Once we’ve finalized the purchase and timeline. Our professional install team will guide the way from shipping to installation. Typically installs can take anywhere from 3 – 5  business days but this time always varies case-to-case.

Is there any training included?

Of course! Once we finalized the install, we’ll train you, managers, owners and other techs and employees how to run Laserforce laser tag. So it’s very important those people are present on the appropriate training day.

How do I contact support?

Our support teams around the globe are always ready to help when you need it. You can always chat with us on the phone or via email. Contact support here.


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