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Have no fear. Your design and marketing beard is here. Say hello to Marko Caldwell!

Here at Laserforce there are a lot of heads and hands in the background that are passionately working to support our operators, players, and staff to ensure years and years of success. A large part of the Laserforce brand is supported by Marko, wearing multiple creative & technical hats, delivering a wide range of projects throughout the year. Marko has been the head of design & marketing at Laserforce for the last 6 years, directing all things creative and working closely with industry professionals in and outside of Laserforce. If you’re a Laserforce operator or player, it’s very likely you’ve had a chance to chat with him at industry shows, laser tag tournaments, or via email, working on specific projects. Marko’s hands have been involved in an extensive amount of projects at Laserforce from web design, video media, marketing strategy, digital content creation, and even laser tag product design.

Marko started working locally as a graphic designer for Loveland Laser Tag (Laserforce USA’s flagship laser tag center) while he was attending university, finishing his visual design degree. Marko focused on branding and brand development throughout schooling and after graduating he applied his skills to a team and product he’s passionate about. “I quickly fell in love with the company and the equipment. I use to play laser tag as a kid, typically hosting my birthday at a local center. Those memories are still with me today. I never would have imagined that in my career today, I would be developing a game and product like this” says Marko. Today you can find Marko heading up different marketing campaigns, strategizing and designing various creative projects and working on several technical and developmental projects. Marko says “We have some really exciting features, and projects to unveil this year. I truly think this is a new chapter for Laserforce & laser tag”.

This year (2020) Marko also made some changes to help advance his career and his passions. At the beginning of the year, Marko became a full-time business owner, offering his creative services to several clients in the Amusement and Entertainment industry. Marko Launched Think Adventure, a creative studio, working with several clients from escape rooms to professional theming companies. Marko says “With my experience and knowledge in the industry, I was ready to expand my portfolio and clientele. Think Adventure is my way new face to connect with professionals all over the Amusement & entertainment industry. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me!”

When Marko isn’t behind the screen or drawing tablet working, you can find him spending time with his wife, two dogs, enjoying their beautiful home state of Colorado. During Marko’s downtime, you can find him sharpening his creative skills or playing his favorite video games, although downtimes are far and few between. If you are a fun center owner/operator, working with an entertainment company, or involved in any other fun & exciting business, don’t hesitate to reach out to Marko and pick his creative brain!

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