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Meet Maree, AKA Mars, your sales & brand ambassador!

Just as the laser tag industry was learning how to walk, Maree became involved with her first laser tag fun center in Rockhampton, Australia. Maree’s Funzone, in 1994, originated with P & C Micro’s(Zone laser tag today) version 3 equipment, then upgraded to system T in 1999, and upgraded one last time in 2005 to Infusion.

Under Mars’s leadership, Funzone’s laser tag needed some help as she wasn’t particular happy with the outdated Zone equipment. She also ran into trouble keeping the equipment supported. After all, her site was a long time Zone customer but the system didn’t get the love and attention it should have.

As most laser tag suppliers, Laserforce also sprouted in Australia, thus making it easy for Maree to research and compare. Funzone swapped out from Zone to Laserforce in 2009, installing Laserforce’s ground breaking gen 6 system. Fast forward today, Funzone is currently running the most innovative laser tag system in the world, Gen8 Infinity.

Maree is one more reason why we are proud to say Laserforce is built by a family of operators. We own and run our laser tag centers, so we understand what tools to develop and what it takes to be successful. Passionate about our operators is exactly what Maree embodies. Not only does she regularly help her operators through web and phone conferences but she also regularly visits her regional sites in person to do walk-throughs, consultations and make suggestions on ways local operators can improve the Laserforce experience.

Maree’s role with Laserforce is so dynamic and powerful, often times, internally we’re often impressed to see her name next to so many projects outside of sales. Maree, often installing Laserforce systems, says “I believe I am the only female laser tag installer in the world and last I checked I was the longest running female laser tag operator in the world. I am very passionate about the FEC industry, with my main passions being arcade and laser tag.”

Maree can be approached with just about any FEC question you may have, she’ll have the perfect answer for you over a good pint of beer. This year marks Maree’s 26th year in the laser tag business and having Maree on our team means she’s on your team! Who wants to compete against that? Maree adds “I have the best job in the world, I work with amazing people day in day out, to be part of the Laserforce family is an honor, I love Laserforce so much as a product – I decided to work with the company.”

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