Laser Tag Arenas – How to make the most out of your laser tag attraction

July 1, 2023
July 1, 2023 Laserforce

Laser tag, beyond the vests and phasers. Why Living Arenas take your laser tag attraction to the next level.

What separates your laser tag attraction from the guys down the street? Is it price? Is it the size of the arena? While these factors are important, the most important factor will always be the experience you provide your guests with when they suit and enter the arena.

Laserforce understands laser tag, it’s kind of our thing. We understand that players like a challenge, they don’t want to simply wander around an arena and zap other players. Players want to be transported to another world, and the way to do that is to use interactive technology in your arena to immerse your guests!

Laserforce has multiple options to help operators customize their arena and build out that immersive and challenging laser tag attraction. When looking for the best way to enhance your arena, we recommend a combination of different living arena devices. We break down the devices below.

Classic Targets – The tried-and-true laser tag staple. These targets require no explanation to players, making them ideal for younger demographics and newer players. Simply aim and fire away for extra points! These targets are cost effective and can be scattered everywhere around the arena.

Generators – Generators are a fun way to create a centerpiece prop that can be activated by players to create special arena events like radiation storms! These devices are interactive and can be programmed to create dynamic arena play. By activating the generator players will experience rainbow-colored glowing suits, vibrating deactivation, and special sound effects for as long as they remain in the radiation storm. This type of event makes players scatter and resets the battlefield!

Beacons – Beacons are the most customizable target in the game, using HD screens, these targets can be programmed to use icons, graphics, animations, and more to take your arena to the next level. Beacons are easy to theme and can be made to fit a variety of size props. This is one of our favorite devices to recommend for operators who are looking to add new and fun ways to play laser tag.

Warbots – These robots are angry! Warbots provide a non-player character (NPC) to battle during the match. Warbots will zap players and even speak to them as they interact with players in their proximity. What’s great about Warbots is that they are pretty dang smart, they can sense the player’s activity and can be programmed to function on different difficulty levels.

Portals – Light up your arena with our futuristic Portals. Portals are designed to be eye catching and interactive. An intense spectrum of colors will light up gateways, tunnels, and ramps to make for unique access to certain segments of the arena. These devices are easy for players to access, simply blast the portal screen to activate for your team!

Guardians – Ever wanted to play against the arena and lose? Say no more! Guardians are the biggest and baddest arena device in the game. Guardians talk, zap, and can be made to be animatronic! These robots are tough to defeat and will take players coordinating together to take it down. Players will feel a rush of excitement when battling Laserforce’s arena guardians, and sense of accomplishment when finally defeating it!

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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