February Newsletter 2020

February 21, 2020
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February 21, 2020 Laserforce

As many of you are well aware, Laserforce’s history dates back to the ’80s,

and over the years we have spent many millions of dollars to deliver what is the most Robust, Reliable and Reputable premium commercial laser tag system that is now operating in over 360 locations around the world.

We live by our three R’s Robust, Reliable, and Reputable… to this, we add another R – and that is Released. Whenever we announce to the world that we have a product to sell to the world, we ensure that it is Released.

Years of learning have taught us that releasing a product into the market is one of the most critical moments for us as a supplier of high-class attractions. This is also an exciting time for operators and players, announcing that a product is ready for market, to us means that it is released and ready to go.

We pride ourselves on testing, testing and re-testing our products and features in house in a live arena. When we say it is released – it’s a commitment.

Many may not be aware, but Laserforce has more than $2 million of inventory, ready to go. This means that when you are ready to order a Laserforce system, we are ready to deliver. Whether it is a system or a spare part, we aim to ensure that our family members are covered with our support.

It is imperative when looking into purchasing an anchor attraction like laser tag that you review current operators: How satisfied are they with the reliability and flexibility of their current equipment? What is their level of satisfaction around spare parts and support? What is the level of engagement between system and technician?

We have some great announcements coming up in the next few months. We will let you know what they are in the next edition. I can tell you now, some of these announcements are world firsts, and once again, putting Laserforce ahead of the pack.

Big or small, we have them all. Play Laserforce & arcade at Planet X, West Virginia.

Located inside the Grand Central Mall, in West Virginia, is a 2,000 sq.ft. laser tag arena featuring our powerful Laserforce Gen7. The space theme arena …

Laserforce Players who play on leap year, February 29th, can unlock an exclusive Achievement..

The “Leap To It” (Time Lord ) Achievement can only be unlocked on February 29th by playing a game of Laserforce laser tag. Operators have a unique chance to create excitement around the achievement and drive repeat laser tag revenue on this rare day!

Next-gen product alert: Video Base targets!

There are a lot of ways to reinvest in your laser tag arena to keep it fresh and exciting, especially when you start looking through our wide variety of Living Arena elements …


February 18 – 20 | Embassy Suites | Indianapolis, IN

IBCA 2020

Feb. 25 – 27 | WYNCITY Bowl | Point Cook, VIC., AUS

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Amusement Expo

Booth# 1007 | Mar. 9 – 11 | MCCNO | New Orleans, LA., USA

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DEAL 2020

Booth# 2-b179 | Mar. 24 – 25 | DUBAI W.T.C | Dubai, UAE.

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Have no fear, the marketing & design beard is here. Say hello to Marko Caldwell.

Here at Laserforce there are a lot of heads and hands in the background that are passionately working to support our operators, players, and staff to ensure years and years of success …

New York Laserforce center hosts “2020 Laserforce East Coast Space Marines Tournament”.

How far would you travel to play laser tag? For Laserforce players looking to enjoy the competition and camaraderie of this year’s East Coast Tournament (ECT) …

Ryan McQuillen & “What to Post”.

Since IAAPA, the good folks over at Laserforce have been kind enough to take advantage of my writing skills so that you, their loyal clients, could benefit from some of the marketing knowledge that I have picked up over my 25 years in the industry …

This Month's FAQ: Changing SD cards & Unplugging power

Tech support around the world and around the clock! We have three offices in three different continents, so our 24hr support team is always ready to help. Log in to the operator section to learn more about this month’s FAQ.

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!