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February 21, 2020
February 21, 2020 Laserforce

Since IAAPA, the good folks over at Laserforce

have been kind enough to take advantage of my writing skills so that you, their loyal clients, could benefit from some of the marketing knowledge that I have picked up over my 25 years in the industry. This month they are letting me talk about my Facebook Marketing Team, for which I am grateful. Where do I begin?

In 2016 I was operating 7 fun centers and had too many responsibilities, marketing being one of them. I had let my Facebook pages go and had not been posting much, if at all, as it seemed nothing I posted ever reached an audience. I received a Facebook message from “Carrie Rokosz”, a message some of you may have also received in years past. I responded that I would have time to meet, briefly.

I let Carrie take over my Facebook page for one center after two meetings and time to catch my breath after our summer season at our Florida locations. After 60 days of watching my page come to life, and watching my sales start to pitch up, I let her have the rest of my locations. We were toasting to great sales at most locations within another few months and were growing, sometimes uncomfortably, in several.

Was Facebook marketing a silver bullet? No and, in one location, other issues canceled out any gains I was making. Did my opportunity to make more sales increase? Absolutely. Here is what I experienced within months at almost all my locations:

  • More phone calls
  • More birthday bookings
  • More walk-in traffic during peak times and seasons

I can credit better-trained personnel and improving systems, equipment, etc. with some of the increase in sales but, not as much as I credit the Facebook marketing strategy that was put into place.

I left operations in late 2018 and started working with the team here at “What to Post?” in mid-2019. We help our clients reach more of their potential clients on Facebook with daily videos. If they have the right systems in place to capture those sales, they make more money. It is not an overnight transformation, but it happens and is measurable.

If you struggle with marketing, want more birthday sales, etc., give me a call, I am happy to give you an analysis of your Facebook page for free.

We will return to our regularly scheduled marketing programming in March. Have a great February.


Ryan McQuillen

Operating Partner, ``What to Post?``

Ryan has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and maintains his Independence. He offers Laserforce operators preferential rates to assist in revenue creation and enhancement. Laserforce receives no commission from Ryan for the services he provides. You can’t train passion, this guy embodies and is passionate about laser tag.

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