August Newsletter 2020

August 25, 2020
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August 25, 2020 Laserforce

Laserforce International continues to stay the course and be at the ready for the moment your location is ready to operate.

We have noticed that our operators from around the world have a wide variety of status in terms of trade. We have some locations that remain closed and have been since March, through to others in New Zealand and Australia that are open, and trading at pre-COVID levels.

The eternal optimist in me sees these numbers from the locations that have re-opened, and I take a very positive view that life will return to normal – it is a question of time.

My team continues to support those that have opened and are at the pre-opening stage. There were a number of installations and upgrades that have now been activated and completed during this time. Somewhere new builds and upgrades that were put on hold back in March. As I mentioned, different regions are at different stages. If you are in a region that is still impacted, take solace in the knowledge that those that have opened again are doing well, or are on their way to doing well again.

Our development team has been able to complete a number of upgrades that will be announced after the final phase of testing is complete, and we can let you know that these enhancements will take the industry by storm! We are very excited to let you know what they are soon.

Did you know that during this crisis, Laserforce was able to continue its operations throughout, albeit on a reduced scale? Our sales team was still taking inquiries and orders, our support team was still making contact and assisting those taking the opportunity to refresh their location and make the required repairs and enhancements to their arena. Our developers continued to develop new enhancements and features. It was not business as normal, that is clear, but we kept the “pilot light” on, waiting for ignition.

Life will always go on though. The virus is continuing its devastating impact on societies across the world. We are in one of those industries that has been hit the hardest, but as always, and after decades in this industry I am hopeful for the future. Humans have a desire and a need to connect with each other. Laserforce will continue, and be around for the long haul.

So overall I am happy that we are not hibernating – we are grazing! It could be much worse but at this stage, I am looking only to the end of 2020 and I have a positive outlook on that.

Game Over Indoor Karting Opens Third Location With Laserforce Gen8

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Did you know that our online spare parts store for Australia and New Zealand is up and running?

All spare parts for your Laserforce equipment can be ordered directly and quickly. For quick and easy ordering, send us an email to to get started. There is no change to the way other regions currently place their spare parts orders.

Laserforce robust software: Automatic Database Backups.

In the age of technology and data, having a backup and recovery software feature is crucial, especially when you rely on your periodic player reports for your family entertainment center. The robust Laserforce software …

This November don’t travel to us, we’ll come to you!

With the current state of large gathering events and keeping everyone’s health in mind, Laserforce will keep the excitement of IAAPA online! Stay tuned for more details on how to attend our virtual showcase.

Amsement360 Event

Oct. 6 – 7
Meet Nancy Rockhill, Laserforce North & South America

Pivot & adapt. Running a laser tag center during an international pandemic.

My world – like so many others came crashing down on the 23rd March 2020, COVID swept through Australia and changed my world…

Facebook Audience Behaviors

Ryan McQuillen, a great supporter of our Laserforce operators, covers his latest presentation on how your audience’s behaviors affect your FEC Facebook page engagement and analytics.

This Month's Support Tip: Disinfecting Your Laserforce Battlesuits

Tech support around the world and around the clock! We have three offices in three different continents, so our 24hr support team is always ready to help. Log in to the operator section to learn more about this month’s support tip.

For the latest updates on how we’re addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, please click here.

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