Laserforce robust software: Automatic Database Backups.

August 21, 2020
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August 21, 2020 Laserforce

A data backup solution option for your Laserforce software

In the age of technology and data, having backup and recovery options is crucial, especially when you rely on your attraction data for your family entertainment center. The robust Laserforce software features an automatic backup solution for your member data. The player data stored on the Laserforce software is essential to building your periodic reports, your email and SMS marketing, and any other analytics you might be tracking on your laser tag attraction.

Tim, our global tech support and installer, will provide a detailed tutorial to walk you through the entire process, available soon on the Laserforce Operators website. When you set up your scheduled backup we recommended that you use a network-attached storage device, such as a NAS Hard-drive or a file server. You can use a USB storage device or an external hard drive but we DO NOT recommend using the local, Laserforce PC as a destination for the automatic backups. You can also use cloud storage services and drives to save your player data but be sure you are using the data encryption option within the Laserforce software.

Laserforce operators, stay tuned for the entire tutorial led by Tim so you can set up your scheduled backups for your laser tag attraction. Laserforce develops the most robust and feature-rich laser tag software, which is why so many centers and brands around the world are turning to Laserforce as their commercial laser tag partner. Contact us today if you would like to swap out your tired system or if you want to get started with game-changing laser tag.

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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