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Tim Cannizzo

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Laser tag historian, global Laserforce tech support, and avid player. Meet Tim Cannizzo.

If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution and it usually begins with something like “call Tim”. Laserforce has robust team of experts, players and professionals to help you accomplish all of your laser tag goals. Tim Cannizzo happens to be all three of those and he’s leading Laserforce’s global tech support. Tim began as an operator back in 2007, with his stand alone laser tag site in Syracuse NY. Today his center is one of the most popular membership style laser tag systems on the east coast. Hosting birthday parties and other group events at the center really helps him compete in a saturated market.

Tim’s background is in professional audio and video installation for various corporate brands and local businesses. With more than a decade of experience in DMX installation, Tim is the industry expert you need to contact if you’re looking to bring your laser tag to life. Tim always had an adventurous spirit even before he jumped into the laser tag industry. Tim says “Owning a paintball field, I decided to go on my own and wanted to open something that all ages could do and still have fun. The answer for that was laser tag. Being a long time laser tag player, I figured it was a good idea. So in 2007 I created my company The Fun WareHouse”. Tim was actually referred to Laserforce by another laser tag supplier after the features he was looking for in their system didn’t exist. After operating for a short time with the system, Tim quickly joined the Laserforce team as a system installer, tech support lead and very regular player in major Laserforce tournaments.

Today, Tim spends most his time traveling and installing Laserforce systems all over the world and supporting operators in global tech support. Tim tackles large and complicated problems that arise in any portion of the Laserforce system. Tim states “I enjoy traveling and love taking problems and finding out a solution”. If you’re a Laserforce operator, chances are you’ve run into him installing your system, on the phone troubleshooting, or on the road at various Laserforce trade shows. Not only is Tim the knowledgeable expert for any Laserforce system, but he’s also very experienced with a majority of larger laser tag systems on the market today. He could tell you major differences, features and back-end components off the top of his head on any laser tag system you’re curious about. He’s also quite the laser tag historian, often buying old laser tag equipment, not commonly found today(dating from the early 90’s) and restoring them for his collection.

With the wide range of knowledge and technical experience, it’s pretty easy to see why Tim is such a key component to our Laserforce team and why the Laserforce team is continuously winning! Tim’s advice to future operators is “Don’t be afraid to try ideas outside the box. Like overnight events or run an 11 pm to 2 am wristband nights for young adults for all-you-can play laser tag for one price”. He also mentions that his repeat customers still love to play at his massive area; “Having the system and keeping game fresh is as simple as changing team colors for all team games. Since I have been open multiple laser tag facilities have come and gone and I remain because my customers keep coming back to Laserforce.” Don’t hesitate to reach out to Tim today for any question under the laser tag sun.

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