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January 16, 2020
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January 16, 2020 Laserforce

Here we are in the year 2020 – welcome!

Back in the ’80’s it was predicted that we would be served by robots, cars would be hovering above the ground during our daily commute to work and we would all have chips implanted into our bodies that would track our every move (I guess phones are a close 2nd to that).

The RAND Corporation predicted that we would be having vacations to the moon and we would be communicating with extraterrestrials on a frequent basis among many other interesting but now clearly incorrect predictions. Nikola Telsa predicted in 1937 that we would no longer be drinking tea or coffee – a future I could never imagine!

While some predictions made in the past may not have eventuated, there were quite a few that ended up being close, if not, on the money – take a look at the iPad, 5G technology, Tesla vehicles to name a few – these were all merely thoughts, concepts, and predictions years ago.

What has not changed is our need to socialize. Our desire to be with and interact with fellow humans. I read with great interest this article in MedicalNewsToday on the reasons why people require contact with other people. If you have a moment, have a read of this article. It will remind us of what we do in the out-of-home entertainment industry, and why the service and products we supply are actually a basic form of human health. They used the words, “healthful activities” in the story – and I draw a natural conclusion to Laserforce being a provider of equipment to enable a healthful activity.

Going into 2020, the Laserforce team will continue to develop, innovate and implement world-class features. We will have a continued focus on “healthful” activities. We have something in the pipeline that will fit right into this space, and it will be made available to all Gen8 systems as a part of our SUP (Support & Upgrade Program) – stay tuned for this one.

We wish all members of the industry success and good fortune going into 2020.

A large fun center in Albany, GA chooses the world’s best laser tag.

We’re excited to include a Georgia based fun center to the Laserforce family! All American Fun Park located in Albany, GA, boasts action-packed adventure options for the whole family …

Laserforce has over 360 active locations worldwide.

As you start exploring different laser tag suppliers, you’ll quickly notice how many hyperbolic stats & numbers are thrown around. Laserforce is transparent and honest about all our laser tag data and we’re proud to share Laserforce’s 95% site survivability rate, the strongest in the high-end laser tag industry.

A player’s perspective on our new game format, “Redline”.

“When new laser tag game formats are released it is always great fun to get together with friends and try them out. I recently had the chance to play a couple of games with a group of players that really enjoyed taking on some new challenges…”


February 18 – 20 | Embassy Suites | Indianapolis, IN

Amusement Expo

March 9 – 11 | MCCNO | New Orleans, LA

DEAL 2020

March 24 – 25 | DUBAI W.T.C | Dubai, UAE

Laser tag historian, global tech support, and avid player. Tim Cannizzo.

If there’s a problem, there’s always a solution and it usually begins with something like “call Tim”. Laserforce has robust team of experts, players and professionals to help you accomplish all of your laser tag goals. Tim Cannizzo …

A player’s perspective on Apex Albany Gen8 Infinity system.

Tivia, an avid laser tag blogger and player, shares her thoughts on the incredible arena and laser tag system. “A group gathered to watch the briefing video and then we suited up with the Gen 8 gear, playing fire vs ice…”

The Content of the Digital Now.

If you find yourself only communicating in pictures and words in the digital space, you are behind the times. While we have had the written word and the arts for millennia, nothing is quite like video. Even more amazing is …

This Month's FAQ: Offline Battlesuits & charging

Tech support around the world and around the clock! We have three offices in three different continents, so our 24hr support team is always ready to help. Log in to the operator section to learn more about this month’s FAQ.

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