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Laserforce, established in 1987, has been a laser tag industry pioneer for 30+ years. As the number of manufacturers has dropped from over 25 to less than 10, Laserforce has continued to supply the most reliable and feature-packed laser tag equipment on the market. There is a link between our reputation for reliability and innovation and our Support & Upgrade Program.
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Unlike many laser tag manufactuers,

Laserforce is committed to ongoing research and development to support our existing operators with new revenue-generating and cost-saving features. The Laserforce team prides itself on the company’s laser tag family philosophy. We are here to help and support our Laserforce family members succeed in the forever-evolving technology of fun and entertainment, laser tag.

This commitment to support and development comes at a cost. The annual Support & Upgrade Program allows us to offer these services.

Our competitors may claim they do not charge for similar programs, but most either offer subpar service, charge fees under a different name, or make up the costs through inflated support fees and overpriced replacement parts.

The Support & Upgrade Program is one of the biggest reasons that 95% of all Laserforce sites opened in the last 10 years are still operating today. At a cost of less than 1% of the average annual laser tag revenue, the SUP is the best investment you can make to ensure your laser tag attraction is profitable, efficient, and future-proof.

Software Upgrades:

Laserforce provides significant annual software updates for existing operators. Backwards-compatibility is important to us and is one of the reasons our operators can use the same equipment for 10+ years yet still provide new experiences to their customers. The cost of this development is substantial; however, it gives our Laserforce family the very latest revenue-generating features, keeps their customers engaged, and gives them a significant edge over their competitors.

Superior Support Infrastructure:

The SUP provides unlimited technical support, including 24/7 critical support. We understand that support needs come in many forms, from technical support & troubleshooting, to operational support to maximize your laser tag attraction’s potential. Laserforce has an experienced global team and the resources to support your operational needs, today and in the future. The SUP allows us to scale up our resources as our Laserforce family grows. Our veteran operators will tell you the peace of mind that comes from having our global support team a phone call away makes the SUP worth it by itself.

Parts Inventory & Pricing:

We are confident that our replacement parts are the most affordable in the industry, often less than half the cost of our competitors. On top of that, we offer an additional 15% discount for spare parts orders. The SUP also allows us to keep a high inventory of parts in every region. In most cases, this reduces long delays or lengthy back orders. A large stock of spare parts allows you to keep your equipment well-maintained and minimize downtime.

Ongoing Online Presence:

Laserforce stays on top of recent technology trends and has been investing heavily in the cloud and other online technologies. A portion of the revenue from the SUP is dedicated to hosting global player profiles and maintaining a Laserforce player hub at It supports new marketing features like direct uploads to players’ Facebook pages. And the SUP enables cost-saving features like automatic emailing of diagnostic and player usage reports.

Hardware Upgrade Path:

Our operators have comfort knowing that the SUP also ensures new hardware features such as a vast array of Living Arena features. Unlike our competitors, our R&D projects for existing sites are not dependent on future sales and development does not slow down during tougher economic times. This provides us the unique ability to prioritize our existing operators in all of our strategic decisions, which is a large reason we have the reputation as the most operator-friendly laser tag manufacturer.


Laserforce has secured patents in several countries for several of our laser tag innovations, such as End-to-End Entitlements and the Engineering Deck reports. Patents are a large investment which give Laserforce operators a distinct edge over their competitors. We help protect your investment by making Laserforce technology superior with features your competitors are unable to use.

Business Longevity:

Laserforce is now 30 years in the laser tag industry and is stronger than ever. Many of our long-time operators will tell you that the SUP is an investment for the future by helping to keep their laser tag manufacturer strong. The history of the laser tag industry is filled with once-thriving manufacturers who suddenly ceased operations, leaving limited or no access to parts, service, or new equipment.


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