Take Laser Tag to the Next Level with Laserforce Power Cards

February 18, 2016
February 18, 2016 Laserforce

Power Cards add a whole new dimension to laser tag that will keep your players coming back for more!


Laserforce Laser Tag features Power Cards, now with new online features like Facebook integration and achievement tracking! Power Cards add a whole new dimension to laser tag that will keep you and your friends coming back for more.

Featuring achievements and a skill based leveling system; Power Cards let you choose your own unique codename so you can earn awesome laser tag power ups like invulnerability, missiles or even nukes! As you level up you unlock special abilities unique to each level and there are over 100 achievements to complete that can be shared on Facebook.

Power Cards are easy to use. Just touch your card to the front of your battlesuit and it will activate your player profile. After your laser tag game, you and your friends can view your stats and achievement progression on the touch screen kiosk.

Completed a challenging achievement or leveled up to Lasermaster? Earn ultimate bragging rights and automatically share for all your friends to see using our new Facebook feature. You can also access your stats, ranking and achievements online at iplaylaserforce.com. Iplaylaserforce.com also lets you see how you compare to other Laserforce players locally or around the world.