Laserforce | Game-changing laser tag



Laserforce member power cards unlock a whole new level of fun and repeat play. Players simply tap their power card to their battlesuit to log in before each game. Now their codename is displayed on the scoreboard, player kiosk and even on the Gen 8 Infinity chest screen. Whether it’s to progress through skill levels to unlock new abilities, undertake challenges to collect Achievements or explore all the advanced game types to hone their skills – Laserforce ensures your customers always have a reason to buy more games.

  • Makes the game easy and fun for new players
  • Keeps the game challenging and fun for experienced players
  • Keeps everyone coming back



Built into the Laserforce skill level system is an automatic handicapping system that creates a level playing field between your new players and your experienced players. For example, an experienced player who is level 4, 5 or 6 has to zap level 1 and 2 players three times to deactivate them. Where as new players, who are level 1, 2 or 3, only have to zap players once.

Why is this important:

Without an automatic handicapping system, a small number of experienced players can overwhelm new players. Your experienced players may get bored and your new players have a bad experience. At the end of the day no-one wins.



Each time you level up, you unlock a new power-up! Lead you team to victory each mission as you master each power-up and dominate the arena. From rapid fire to decimating nukes, playing with a Laserforce power card has never been so addicting!

Your unique


With powercards you can create your unique codename to be displayed on the score screen for everyone see!

Customization now goes further! Gen 8 Infinity offers player avatars! Players can now pair their codename with the perfect avatar!Learn more…

Living Arenas



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