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It’s one thing to choose your favorite laser tag supplier based off sales pitches and snazzy claims but its the process after the purchase and the hands that deliver the product that make Laserforce so successful. Doug consistently averages more installs in a year than anyone else we know and many North American operators have had the pleasure of working with him.

Laserforce is lucky to have such talented team supporting the equipment and arenas but you won’t find another installer quite as knowledgeable and handy as Doug! Not only is he quick and precise but he can deliver your system, answer your questions along the way and help train your laser tag techs or managers on how to properly use the Laserforce software and all of its procedures.

Doug has been in the industry for the last 6 years and has installed and worked with a variety of Laserforce generations. Once you’ve purchased your Laserforce system, Doug will work closely with you and your arena builder to make sure your project is on schedule and that all of the moving parts line up.

When Doug is not on a plane or on the road to his next install you can find him building animatronic props for number of different side projects or spending time with his wife in beautiful areas of Colorado. Laserforce’s family of operators is growing year over year as many more experienced and savvy operators are choosing Laserforce. Doug and Laserforce Gen8 is coming to a FEC near you; Consider adding Laserforce to your attraction portfolio before you competition does.

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