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Small & large, all the moving parts behind the scenes are orchestrated by this man. Say hello to Allen Law!

Laserforce is a global production, manufacturing and research company that involves a lot of strategic organization and logistics to produce the world’s most trusted laser tag. Small and large, there’s a lot of moving pieces, figuratively and literally. Coordinating part inventories, shipping complete Laserforce systems, and managing battlesuits between three production offices around the globe takes a talented team. At the top of this global tech and production team is Allen Law and he has been orchestrating all the Laserforce movement for almost 10 years.

This coming November 2020 will see Allen’s 10th year at Laserforce International. Allen, originally from the Australian Defence Force got his start in laser tag when he left that career behind and started his own outdoor laser tag manufacturing company back in 2004.

Like so many other dedicated staff of Laserforce International, Allen has a strong passion for Laserforce laser tag and is acutely aware of the operational requirements of running a center and ensuring the equipment that leaves HQ is QA tested and that spare parts and systems are in strong supply.

Overseeing millions of dollars in inventory, Allen balances his daily work with PC gaming, riding his motorcycle and managing military simulation events! You could even come across him when adventuring through the wilderness areas – a keen explorer, he really enjoys the more remote locations, and the more remote, the better.

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