The Laserforce Laser Tag Surge Continues

April 24, 2017
April 24, 2017 Laserforce

Four more experienced Zone laser tag operators dump their equipment and upgrade to Laserforce.

The choice of laser tag equipment is vital –if you get it wrong then it could be game over for your business. No-one knows the value of having good equipment than the operators themselves. That’s why when so many existing seasoned operators are making the all important switch to Laserforce then one must ask why.

It’s not our job to tell you why our competitors are losing up to 35% of their customers to Laserforce but it is important that we tell you why operators have joined the Laserforce family of operators. Here are the top reasons:

Robust & Reliable– Laserforce Gen7 is extremely well designed and rugged. Operators spend less money on spare parts than any other brand. Less down time equals more income and less expenses, less stress and less frustration.

Reputation – Laserforce has an unequalled reputation for all aspects of operating a laser tag business. Our technology, service and family way of doing business make laser tag operations as good as it gets.

Innovation – We only focus on high end and mid range laser tag equipment. We are known as being the most innovative of all brands. Laser tag is competitive and you need to have the best technology.


Scene 75 is the USA’s largest family owned FEC. Having originally operated with Zone, after only a few years they realised that they needed a system that was robust and attracted repeat play. They chose Laserforce for their second location and after a few months, decided to ditch their Zone system at their first site for Laserforce, too.


Crown Casino is Australia’s premier FEC. Having operated with Zone for many years their recent multi-million dollar renovation necessitated an up to date product with cutting edge technology and fearsome reliability. They switched to Laserforce.


Incredible Pizza in the USA operated Zone laser tag across all their sites. With many locations under management they needed a robust, user friendly system with great off-site management features. After evaluating Laserforce at their San Antonio location, they made the switch to Laserforce and have been rolling out Gen7 systems to replace their Zone equipment.


Laserzone Huddersfield  is one of England’s iconic laser tag sites that was operating with Zone for many years.  They needed a system that was easy to operate, reliable, had great game play and wasn’t
costing them thousands in spare parts bills. They switched to Laserforce.


Make the switch to Laserforce today and join the winning team!