Laserforce Achievement System – A Success Story

July 4, 2016
July 4, 2016 Laserforce

Achieving goals and trying to get there before your opponents has always been the challenge of sports people and gaming people alike. Laserforce has been on the forefront of the Lasertag Industry for over 28 years and are always looking at the “next evolution” of ideas and technology to keep ahead of the curve.

The Achievement System was one of those ideas that was developed by Laserforce to give players something to strive for when playing the game. Since coming online in 2014, the Laserforce Achievement System has been extremely popular and well received by Laserforce centers and Players alike. As a result there have currently been over 2.4 MILLION Achievements completed by players worldwide. That is a huge number of completed Achievements that we are sure will continue to climb at a rapid rate.

As an example, the players at Laserforce HQ, Brisbane and Loveland Lasertag Colorado USA have completed close to 500000 achievements between them!

If you require any further information on the Achievements, or any other aspect of the Laserforce System , please don’t hesitate to contact one of out representatives here