Head down, feet forward. Laserforce still charging through COVID season.

August 17, 2020
August 17, 2020 Laserforce

Laserforce International has been bunkered down during this COVID-19 period, but behind the scenes the company has been strategically active.

According to internal research and reports, during the pandemic period so far the team has been hard at work with:

  • New software developments and enhancements
  • Spare Parts Deliveries and the opening of an online spare parts store
  • Service and Support continued
  • New locations installed and opened between March and August 2020
  • Alignment with the BPAA as their preferred supplier of laser tag equipment

This is a testament to the versatility of the Laserforce International team based in Queensland – Australia, Denver – United States, Germany – Europe. While there has been minimal staff in the support offices, the work from home environment has allowed service and supply delivery to continue with minimal disruption to the more than 360 Laserforce locations around the world.

In addition to new sites located in New Zealand and Australia, the number of operators taking the opportunity to upgrade their systems to our IAAPA Brass Ring award winning Laserforce Gen8 system has also been impressive with locations in Europe and Australia making the leap forward.

"It is during times like this that the positive and forward thinking operators are thinking about ways of improving their operations. What would customers like to see when the time is right to come back and play"

Laserforce Operator

As an anchor attraction, with built in reliability, it is little wonder Laserforce continues to buck the trend around the world.

When you are ready to experience the power of Laserforce, and open up new revenue streams, contact us.

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