2018 Operator Conference Was a Success

April 26, 2018
April 26, 2018 Laserforce

We had an awesome chance to host our first ever Operators Conference! We wanted to give operators the opportunity to not only see the team behind building and supporting their equipment but also some time to ask questions about how to get the most of out of their investments. Laserforce, a family of operators, is founded by one of the original laser tag sites in the world and a lot of the team members still own and operator their own laser tag FEC’s. So this conference was a special chance for us to not only share our knowledge but also connect and learn from the operators that are growing the Laserforce brand.

The Operators conference event took place on both sides of the world at the same time. Brisbane Australia, home to Laserforce International and Loveland Colorado, Laserforce USA headquarters both filled the week with learning and networking for our operators around the world. The event included frequently asked topics, battlesuit maintenance, and even an inside look at the full collection of Laserforce arena targets we have to offer. After a robust day of presentations from members of Laserforce and some key industry speakers, we all had a chance to kick back and relax with dinner, games and socializing.

"The conference was awesome and I really feel it was worth the time and money to come out to you guys. I’m hoping you will do this again next year and I can send a couple of staff. "

Bill Assande

A big thank you to all the operators that attended and we look forward now to the 2019 Operator Conference with couple changes in mind, what topics to dive into further, and with hopes to provide the same value and experience. Thank you to our conference guest speakers, Rand Wright from SafeParks USA, Bernie Robinson and Alan Kumpf from Funstruction, for giving awesome presentations and helping us build better operators!

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