Five more reasons why Laserforce’s laser tag games will always be generations ahead.

November 11, 2019
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November 11, 2019 Laserforce

Our laser tag “zapping” technology is noticeably better.

Since our start in 1987, game-types have always been at the forefront of our development and innovation. The Laserforce laser tag system is the only one in the world to feature reverse-infrared laser tag(reverse-IR). Commercial laser tag in its early stage was developed with forward IR, because it was the easiest system to implement at the time. So, is there a real advantage to using reverse IR? The two systems of “zapping” look identical but with reverse IR, the laser tag experience is actually improved! With reverse IR and our built-in technology, we have the ability to give instant feedback to the player. Our phasers include “lock-on” tones, delivered by the shoulder speakers, that notifies the player that they are in fact aiming at another player. This is something that cannot be implemented with forward IR, which is found on all mid- to low-grade laser tag systems.

Laserforce, one of the original laser tag equipment suppliers, quickly learned that reverse IR was the future for reliable, accurate, and consistent game-play. So what does that mean about our game-types? Well, with the power of reverse IR, our laser tag equipment can provide the smoothest and most reliable player experience in the industry.

From new player to veterans, we have a game for you.

Our unique laser tag vest design also allows for 360 degrees of tag-ability, including the phaser, which elevates our fairness of play. This also improves the game experience, which allows us to develop games that are easy to enjoy and that our competition can’t match. We have over 100 different game-types that our operators can choose from to play. New players can enjoy our standard game types, which are easy to explain and incredibly fun to play back-to-back. Veteran laser tag players can enjoy our advanced and novelty game-types that are dense with features, and require heightened focus and skillful game-play to compete.

Your laser tag should be dynamic like your customers. So is our software & technology.

Because of our Support and Upgrade Program (SUP), almost every year we are overhauling and developing new game types for our operators and players. Laserforce is a company comprised of operators and players which means we develop games we would run at our sites, and more importantly, we would enjoy playing repeatedly. Of course, all our sites and players are different and dynamic, so that’s why our laser tag software includes a game-editor. Operators can take any of our game presets and edit a variety of parameters to fit their needs. Whether you need to run 7 minute games or 12 minute games, or if you need to change the standard team colors to match your holiday promotion, you can do it with Laserforce.

We also just renovated and updated our Laserforce games-engine. We’ve gone under the hood and tuned our back-end to make sure you’re still operating with the most powerful laser tag games on the market. With this big new update, all of our games run powerfully smooth, no matter what Laserforce system you’re operating on. We’re one of the only suppliers today that supports the playability of our older systems. Because player experience, no matter the system, is important to us. This is all made possible from the SUP and only available to SUP customers.

We develop and deliver games, that we actually like to play.

We are always actively pursuing games and features that increase repeat laser tag revenue and unmatched player experience for our operators. In 2017, we announced a game that took the laser tag industry by storm. Color Conquest is a game we developed and delivered with your peak-Saturday-throughput in mind. This game can be explained in under a minute, is easy for any player to understand, is perfect for any size FEC or arena, and is insanely fun to play again and again. This dynamically-colorful team game was such a hit around the world that it quickly became the “Laser Tag Game Of The Year” for Laserforce.

We’re the preferred system for competitive, league, game-play.

Not only do our games perform well for franchise-style FEC or local, family-owned centers, but our laser tag equipment is actually the preferred system for laser tag leagues around the world. The decision to use our equipment for e-sport style competitive play came easily because of our robust durability, incredibly accurate reverse IR game play, but also our historical, world-renowned game of Space Marines 5.

Every year, competitions are held around the world, to discover the best team for Space Marines 5. The game’s history goes all the way back to the early ’90s when Laserforce and laser tag were just taking off. The class-based game requires intense teamwork and strategy to eliminate or outscore the competing team. The strategic team foundation and its constant evolution makes it a perfect game for laser tag leagues, e-sport style competitions, and laser tag pros around the world.

Laserforce’s continuing development of game-types, impressive back-end laser tag technology, and unmatched player experience is the reason for that so many FEC’s large and small around the world to swap to Laserforce. We’re the laser tag attraction that you and your customers will continue to talk about. Don’t let your laser tag attraction grow stale, contact us today to get started on your next game-changing system.

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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