The Key To Laser Tag Replay – Unique Laser Tag Player Customization.

November 2, 2023
November 2, 2023 Laserforce

The best way to stand out is to offer fun and exciting rewards, achievements, and benefits for your guests to unlock and achieve!

When a guest visits your center, they are looking for unique and different ways to have fun. While generic laser tag is still a fun time to be had, when a site can offer an experience with more variety and customization, the guest experience will be greatly enhanced! The best way to stand out is to offer fun and exciting rewards, achievements, and benefits for your guests to unlock and achieve!

Laserforce offers the industry’s most interactive and dynamic membership system. With a Laserforce membership, players can progress through a variety of skill levels, each with its own challenges and rewards. As they progress, they unlock new abilities that can be used in future games. The skills that become available at each level and the difficulty in reaching the next level can be easily configured by site operators. Players can choose their own codename and avatar, which will show up on the score screen and player kiosks. This allows players to personalize their laser tag experience and stand out from the crowd. Players can also track their progress against other members from around the world on

Laserforce members also have access to a variety of achievements and rewards. Achievements can be earned for completing various challenges, such as playing a certain number of games, winning a certain number of games, or reaching a certain skill level. Rewards can include bonus game credits, exclusive items, or even physical prizes. Unlocking achievements is one of the best ways to increase repeat play for your laser tag attraction!

Laserforce achievements and rewards are highly configurable, allowing site operators to tailor the system to their specific needs. For example, an achievement could be created for playing at 10 different Laserforce locations, with a reward of a free game of laser tag. Achievements can also be posted to social media automatically, creating additional marketing opportunities for Laserforce sites.

Finally, Laserforce offers hundreds of avatars for members to choose from. Avatars appear on the Battlesuit Chestpack screen, the Phaser screen, the Member’s Kiosk, the score screen, and the international membership website ( Avatars add a great level of personalization, allowing players to customize their experience. Laserforce is always adding new avatars for players to choose from as a part of our yearly updates, make sure to be on the look out for new content soon!

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

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