The Key To Laser Tag Replay – Special Games!

October 3, 2023
October 3, 2023 Laserforce

Attraction replayability is what separates an average laser tag attraction from a great one!

When guests first play a game of laser tag, they are introduced to an experience of immersion and excitement. This initial experience, no matter how exciting will have diminishing returns over time. Over the course of several games, players will explore every nook and cranny of an arena, they will discover the best strategies to defeat their opponents. So how do you keep your “regulars” excited and coming back for more laser tag?

This is where having a library of exciting unique laser tag game types comes into play. (pun intended!) The average laser tag player might not want to spend the time to learn the most advanced game modes, and that’s okay, Laserforce offers unique custom games that are as easy to learn as the standard mission type! Having different game types for players to play with little to no further instructions needed is an easy way to boost replayability revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Laserforce offers several easy to explain and play games such as Gladiator, Dead Aim, or Timewarp. Gladiator is the exact same as an individual supercharge game except players have a limited number of lives, making getting zapped a lot more costly than a regular game! Dead Aim takes a similar approach, except players have a limited amount of ammunition instead, making accuracy the most important skill to win the game. These small and subtle changes to the game are able to be explained in a matter of seconds, which is vital to keep arena throughput running efficiently. Timewarp changes the format completely, but in a simple to understand way. Each player starts with a limited amount of time. If this time expires, the player is eliminated from the mission. Players can gain additional time by zapping opponents, destroying the arena targets.

Laserforce also has several team games that are quite easy to learn but vary from the normal laser tag team game experience. Laserball and Color Conquest are two easy to learn but addictingly fun to play. Color Conquest is a team game where you change teams’ mid game! Laserball is believed to be the world’s fastest growing custom laser tag game mode. The game in essence plays like a soccer match, with one team starting with the ball and needing to take it across the arena and shoot it into their opponent’s goal. Laserball is the definition of “easy to learn, hard to master.” Both of these game modes are perfect for birthday parties, large groups, or corporate events.

For advanced players, Laserforce has one of the world’s most competitive games, Space Marines 5. Space Marines is the game type preferred by the best laser tag players in the world. The game is so popular that every year players travel from around the world to compete in an International Tournament! We know most players won’t aspire to this level, but for those who do, Laserforce is the preferred choice for competitive play.

No matter who your customers are or what they are looking for, Laserforce has a special laser tag game mode to fit any group or occasion.

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

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