November 11, 2019 Laserforce
This year at IAAPA we will see many companies releasing new products, features, and enhancements in a bid to ultimately provide you with the most amazing products for your guests to enjoy, and of course for your business to be successful.
Laserforce will be at full strength at IAAPA this year again, showing the world why Laserforce is the most reliable and reputable laser tag system on the market, and why your customers will enjoy repeat play with our unique, and exclusive features. Be sure to make an appointment to understand the full Laserforce experience.
This year our team will be presenting “TagTalks” during the show. These talks will give you insight into maximizing your laser tag revenue. Even if you operate another laser tag system, come by our booth and maybe pick up a tip or two on how to unlock new revenue.
Having attended many trade shows in the past, I can offer a couple of tips when looking for your next attraction, or when you are looking to upgrade or re-purpose space.

Having attended many trade shows in the past, I can offer a couple of tips when looking for your next attraction, or when you are looking to upgrade or re-purpose space.

  • Maximum Throughput - how many plays per hour can you achieve and not degrade the customer experience?
  • Maximum ROI - will the attraction generate and encourage repeat play?
  • Reliability - will the attraction have amazing up-time?
  • Anchor - is the attraction something that your guests would expect you to have? (Laser tag is known as an anchor in most FEC's, and is something a customer would expect you to have)
If you are looking to install a laser tag system, or like many others, opting to switch your equipment over to Laserforce, I can assure you that we not only meet, but Laserforce will exceed each of the above criteria. It is important to remember that not all laser tag systems are created equally.
Our equipment is assembled and quality tested in the USA or Australia – we are committed to the ongoing development of our products and will continue to support our 356 family member locations well into the future.


Have a great show, and if you can’t make it to IAAPA – here’s a very special offer, valid for a very short time.


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November 18 – 21 | Booth #4078 | Orlando, FL


We’ll have 10 minute presentations on key laser tag topics twice a day, related to owning and operating a laser tag FEC. No matter your laser tag system, we’ll have some helpful ideas for you!

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!