Laserforce Spotlight: BPAA Smart Buy Partnership

January 31, 2023
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January 31, 2023 Laserforce

Laserforce laser tag, BPAA's Smart Buy choice for game-changing laser tag.

Laserforce is the only laser tag manufacturer to earn the status of Smart Buy Partner for the Bowling Proprietor’s Association of America. As an exclusive member benefit of BPAA, you can save on purchases for every area of your bowling center. BPAA is dedicated to researching and negotiating the best quality and the best prices on products and services.

As one of the industry’s leading laser tag manufacturers, Laserforce was an easy choice to be named as the smart buy partner. With over 35 years of knowledge and dedication to making the most enjoyable laser tag experience, we are proud to be trusted by the BPAA.

As the official smart buy partner, Laserforce is constantly seeking ways to help our operators who have both laser tag and bowling or are considering adding bowling in the near future. One way we seek to do this is to provide education on opening laser tag in centers with bowling.

Recently, Laserforce’s Business Development Officer was invited to the BPAA Campus in Arlington, Texas. As the smart buy partner, we take it upon ourselves to help operators understand the advantages and even the obstacles to opening and operating a laser tag attraction. With our vast network of operators, industry data, and wealth of experience – we are here to help with any and all questions regarding not only laser tag, but in any way we can.

Laserforce will be presenting at multiple conferences and shows throughout the year, but we are proud to announce that we will be presenting at Bowl Expo 2023 in Orlando! If you are planning on attending, please reach out to us and we will ensure that you receive tickets to the show and the Laserforce presentation!

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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