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July 31, 2023
July 31, 2023 Laserforce

The unmatched abilities of the Laserforce Gen8 Phaser

Laserforce debuted the industry’s first fully dynamic touch screen phaser in 2018 with the release of the award winning Gen8 Infinity System. The phaser screen was the first to offer players a way to interact with their laser tag experience the same way they would use their smartphone. This innovation created a game experience where players could see their actions in real time! Dynamic score updates, in game events, and even the ability to toggle a flashlight off or on! These features are great, but what really sets Laserforce’s phaser apart is just how crisp and clean the screen looks and feels.

The phaser screen is no slouch, with full touch screen integration and a whopping 3.5-inch interface, the screen is easy to operate and easy to view in the midst of a heated game of laser tag. The screen offers a variety of customization options for players to sort through, making each round of laser tag unique for players. The customization of avatars, sound effects, and power ups creates a laser tag experience unlike any other in the world. This level of customization is exactly what operators love, adding replay value to their laser tag attractions, keeping their guests happy and increasing their laser tag sales.

But the functionality of the phaser screen is not limited to just the guest experience. With the arrival of the phaser screen, Laserforce was able to add new ways for laser tag operators to operate and troubleshoot their equipment. The phaser screen allowed a bevy of functionality to the referee suit, allowing the game marshal to run the entire game from the touchscreen of the Battlesuit. In addition to game running, the touch screen allowed for quick status updates while a Battlesuit is self-test mode!

With all Laserforce Innovations, the phaser screen has continued to evolve over time, with new features being released annually, the phaser screen continues to add value to a laser tag attraction. In 2022, Redemption mode was added to Laserforce, and the phaser screen allowed for the mode to not only function but to be gamified. The screen acts as a live scoreboard for winning tickets and displaying the players total ticket count!

One thing is for certain, the phaser screen is here to stay. And although Laserforce did not introduce the phaser touchscreen until 2018, it is hard to even imagine playing laser tag without one. Laserforce will continue to be the industry leader in laser tag innovation, phasers are armed and ready!

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