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Laserforce Laser Tag

The World’s Most Trusted Commercial Laser Tag Brand Since 1987

Stop settling for one game of laser tag.

The game-changing look, feel, and game-play of Laserforce Gen8 Infinity will excite your guests and generate more laser tag repeat play.

Over 35 Years of Industry Experience

A lot has changed but the goal has always stayed the same. Provide a robust and powerful laser tag experience that is replayable and time-tested. Laserforce laser tag has over 35 years of successful revenue generation. It is a time-tested attraction that continues to produce high-profit margin revenues for operators.

Industry Leading Durability With Innovative Design

Our IAAPA Brass Ring award-winning laser tag system features our Infinity lighting, breathable but durable vest mesh, and robust battery life for extended play time. Laserforce Gen8 also features plug-n-play repairs!Quick fixes means less down time and more repeat revenue.

Powerful Software With Automated Reports

Performance shouldn’t be a guess. Easy, real-time, automated, laser tag reports. Less downtime means more revenue. Thanks to the Engineering Deck, our automated diagnostic system, your techs will be able to proactively identify and fix issues before they lead to vest downtime.

Join the winning team!

Contact us today to get started on your new next-gen laser tag system or to learn how to swap out your current system!

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