Laserforce Gen8 Reaches Milestone: 25 Systems Shipped

March 20, 2019
March 20, 2019 Laserforce

Since its September release, Laserforce has shipped over 25 Gen8 Infinity systems to laser tag sites around the world, reaching this milestone faster than any previous system in its 30 year history.

“We knew we had something special based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback, but the early results have been beyond even our most optimistic projections,” remarked Jeff Willy, Laserforce COO. “We are shipping a new system every week, some weeks even 2-3.”

With any new system as ground-breaking as Gen8 Infinity, one might expect a certain degree of kinks to work out, but this has not been the case. Gen8 Infinity is proving to be as robust & reliable as its predecessor, the best-selling Gen7 system.

“I think some people were taking a wait-and-see approach to make sure the chest and phaser screens would hold up to heavy use. We are happy to report that there has not been a single screen failure in the field,” said Andy Williams, Laserforce USA production manager.

Reflective of Laserforce’s global reach, Gen8 has seen strong global sales, with locations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. Existing laser tag operators are making the upgrade, but it’s not just existing Laserforce clients.

“We’re seeing strong interest from sites with older competitor systems who are looking to revitalize their laser tag attraction,” said Willy.

So what’s next for Laserforce after reaching game-changing new heights? 2019 will see a continued ramp in Gen8 production as Laserforce settles into its expanded production office in Loveland, Colorado. And the R&D team is hard at work creating the next round of industry-defining features.

“Expect a focus on easy-to-use functionality. We want to deliver compelling new content that will specifically target casual laser tag players,” commented Marko Caldwell, Laserforce graphic designer.

To learn more about Gen8 Infinity, visit our gen 8 page or contact your local sales rep.

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