Did You Know?: Ordering Parts Online Is Easy!

April 28, 2022
April 28, 2022 Laserforce

Laserforce has the most durable product on the market,

but until we figure out how to make the Battlesuits invincible in real life and not just in game, part replacement is unavoidable.

It’s an ugly truth, but even the best maintained sites will eventually need to order replacements parts. While we can’t change this, Laserforce can do everything to streamline the process of replacing parts. Making it easier, faster, and simpler, Laserforce aims to keep your equipment up and running to maximize your site’s revenue. Laserforce has the lowest maintenance costs, repair costs and repair turnaround time of any supplier.

Laserforce has streamlined replacement part ordering with our online ordering system. Operators can simply log on and select the parts they need. Laserforce operators from Australia, Germany, and the US are able to order parts online now. We’re proud to bring this painless feature to regions around the world. Be on the look out soon for a complete tutorial guide that will walk operators and their employees through the process of online part ordering.

Click here to access your parts store!

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It’s time for game-changing laser tag.

Whether you’re an existing laser tag operator and owner or you’re looking to add Laserforce to your attractions portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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