Alley Cats Entertainment to Launch Immersive Steampunk Laser Tag Arena

June 25, 2024 Laserforce

Laserforce Partners with Alley Cats Entertainment to Launch Immersive Steampunk Laser Tag Arena in Hurst, Texas

Hurst, Texas – [June 2024] – Laserforce, a leading innovator in laser tag technology, is pleased to announce our continued partnership with Alley Cats Entertainment to launch a groundbreaking Steampunk laser tag arena at their newest location in Hurst, Texas.

A Strong Partnership for Family Fun

“Laserforce is proud to partner with Alley Cats Entertainment on this exciting project,”

says Chris Epstein, Business Development Officer at Laserforce.

“Our innovative Gen8 system, combined with Alley Cats’ reputation for exceptional entertainment, creates a unique destination for families and friends in Hurst.”

Step into a World of Steampunk
Laserforce helped bring a multi-level laser tag attraction that fully immerses players in a captivating Steampunk world. Powered by Laserforce Gen8, the arena includes hand-painted, glow-in-the-dark artwork throughout the arena and sets the stage for exhilarating laser tag battles. Accommodating up to 30 players per session, the arena is primed for fast-paced, strategic competition.

Award-Winning Technology for Enhanced Gameplay
Powered by Laserforce’s award-winning Gen8 system, Alley Cat’s provides a truly personalized and interactive laser tag experience. This cutting-edge technology ensures a level of engagement that elevates the game for players of all ages and skill levels.

About Laserforce
Laserforce is a global leader in laser tag technology, with over 35 years of experience designing and manufacturing cutting-edge laser tag equipment and software for entertainment centers worldwide.

About Alley Cats Entertainment
Alley Cats Entertainment is a premier family entertainment destination offering bowling, laser tag, go-kart racing, arcades, and more. They are renowned for their state-of-the-art facilities, exceptional service, and commitment to providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere for the community.

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