Graphics, posters, icons & templates

Exclusive material to Laserforce operators

which you can use for your own laser tag center website or promotional material. All of this material are exclusive to laserforce centre operators.

For your facility

Printable, Editable & Customizable

Posters and flyers are easy and cost effective methods for your marketing! We have a ton of templates for every occasion that can be edited easily. Looking laser tag merchandise? We have that too, talk to us about how we can target your customers!

Briefing & Vesting

Breifing Videos

Our new 2016 briefing video is modular so you can customize it to match the features of your Laserforce laser tag arena

Facility Logo

Built To Package Features

Standard Laserforce Rules

Beyond your facility

Web & Social Media

The future of laser tag marketing is online. Utilize our high-quality photos, templates and even examples from successful compaigns to reach your target audience and build player excitement!