Modern laser tag is about more than zapping other player.

That’s why we invented Living Arenas.

Experienced operators understand that players like a challenge and want to be immersed in an experience unlike any other. More than just phasers and suits. Laserforce provides an array of interactive devices you can place in your arena that makes every game an immersive and challenging experience.


Players can tag our colorful base-targets to earn points during the game. Not only do the bases integrate with standard games but they control a variety of options for customs game types

Full Color LEDs

Any team, any time


Save on maintenance costs with base-targets that stand the test of time!


Can be easily installed and moved to create and update your dynamic arena!


Compliments battlesuit attract mode

Trio of lighting effects

edge-lit acrylic symbols, LED lights & UV projection

Integrated battlesuit charging system

Consolidate your cords to be more efficient

Sturdy polycarbonate construction

Sturdy, durable design


Set of 4 targets that change positions and players experience deactivation, hyper-active suit colour changes, intense vibration and explosive sound effects.

Meltdown warning

Announced via SFX and lighting

In Game Vest Effects

Generator explodes with “radiation leakage”

Real-time vest communication

Players caught in the area get “irradiated”


The score monitor is one of the last impressions players get of your laser tag attraction, so why not make it a great one? Our fully animated score screen is unrivaled in terms of its appearance and real-time information.

Fully animated

Sexiest score screen in the laser tag industry.

Configurable attract mode between games

Video backgrounds can be customized for your site

Packed full of real-time information

Spectators watch the streaming feed during the game and players view results after.


Arena Warbots dominate areas of the area, giving players a new and exciting challenge during their game

Guards an open area

Senses and zaps passing players

Talks and fires lasers

Interacts with players during various game types

Players can take control

Players can challenge and draft Warbots on tho their team to gain a winning edge


Zap gallery targets and players inside the arena to score points without affecting the game

Involve everyone

Located on the observation deck

Great added money maker

Touch card or coin activated

Mix it up

Pods create a unique fun way to play


Beacons are a highly customizable installation that can take the interactivity of your laser tag arena to the next level.

HD animated screen

Icons and graphics pair well with fast paced laser tag games

Can be configured to award power-ups

Unlocks new game play and game modes

The next big thing in interactive arenas

Infinite combinations and possibilities


Players battle the arena Guardian until its destroyed!

Make your arena come to life

Talks, fires lasers and can be made to be animatronic.

Added arena targets

Destroy her 4 glowing egg hatchlings

Arena boss fight

Players battle the Jade Serpent until she has been destroyed.

Benefits of owning a living arena

The Living Arena brings added realism to the game through sound effects over the sound systems and real-time score updates.

  • The game is just as fun even with a few number of players
  • Encourages players to work together to defeat targets
  • Gives you a competitive edge over other laser tag sites
  • Easy and inexpensive way to enhance your arena and gives you something to market to your existing members and draw more people to your site
"In an increasingly competitive market, it is becoming more and more important to give customers a reason to come to your site. The Laserforce Living Arena is a great way to give your site the competitive edge."